Hélène Rollès has played Hélène Girard in the AB Production series for thirty years.


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  • The series

    The Mysteries of Love

    , launched on February 12, 2011 on TMC, celebrates its tenth anniversary this weekend.

  • Hélène Rollès, she has embodied the character of Hélène Girard for thirty years.

  • “I live with it and I make the difference between Hélène Girard and me, so everything is going well for me on that side.

    I have no problem of split personality, ”jokes the actress to

    20 Minutes


This Valentine's Day weekend,

The Mysteries of Love is

 celebrating its tenth anniversary on TMC.

Hélène Rollès is celebrating her thirtieth year in the role of her life this year, that of Hélène Girard.


First kisses

to the


…, including

Hélène and the boys


The Miracle of love

, she has lived through the decades within AB productions.

A perfect pretext for

20 Minutes to

join her Thursday by phone, time for a break in her filming schedule.

Hélène Girard has been with you for thirty years, she is not too cumbersome on a daily basis?

No, it's okay.

I live with it and I make the difference between Hélène Girard and me, so all is well for me on that side.

I don't have a split personality problem (laughs).

When your fans talk to you, do you have the impression that they are talking to Hélène Rollès or Hélène Girard?

Of course, since I am fairly discreet, they know Hélène Girard better.

I'm not on social media, so I don't have the opportunity to talk to the public about it.

I regularly receive mail to which I unfortunately do not always have time to answer.

People talk to me about everything, like in the days [of

Hélène and the boys


There are those who confide, others who ask for autographs or tell me that they love me.

It is always benevolent and kind.

I get to see them when I do concerts or sometimes when I do TV shows and they wait in front of the studios.

There are some that I have known, and recognize, for a long time.

Do you still like playing in “The Mysteries of Love”?

Don't you feel like quitting?

Stop, resume, stop, resume, I've done this regularly.

There, I resumed in


Mysteries of Love

ten years ago and I am very happy.

We laugh a lot.

The day I stop having fun, I will stop, as I always have.

Over a year, filming the series takes up a lot of your time?

It's almost full time.

We have been shooting from late August to mid-July, for ten years.

As actors, we aren't on the set every day, but filming is almost every day.

What do you do in your free time ?

I devote my time to my private life, but you know I never talk about it.

I take care of myself and my family.

On the leisure side, what I like above all is the garden.

That and animals have always been my passion.

Do you watch series?

No, I don't watch much television.

In fact, with me, it does not work well so it is quite painful (laughs).

With the children, we watch films.

But no broadcasts.

It seems that you have an album project?

Yes, it had been five years since I had released anything.

The fans were in demand and I wanted to make an album again.

I'm working on it with Jean-Luc [Azoulay], who writes the lyrics - I didn't write anything on this record, I didn't have time - and Gérard [Salesses].

They will be songs of love, friendship, with a country tone as usual.

It's going to be pure Hélène.

On the TV side, it was regularly discussed your possible participation in "Dance with the stars" ...

They asked me twice, I wanted to do it.

Afterwards, they told me they didn't want to anymore so I gave up.

I'm not going to beg them to do the show either.

And "Mask Singer", could that tempt you?

It was offered to me but no, I don't want to.

I really do the things I love, I don't feel like doing things that don't affect me.


"The Mysteries of Love" or the ingredients of a separate soap


Why is “foot fetish recurring on AB sitcoms”?

Ten years of "Mysteries ..."

The Mysteries of Love

, launched on February 12, 2011 on TMC, is the joy of the TNT channel, attracting an average of 700,000 viewers each week (not counting the replay).

The series is in its 25th (!) Season - more than two seasons on average are broadcast each year - and counts some 635 episodes of 52 minutes….

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