The "20 Minutes" newsletter will focus on all topics related to diversity and inclusion -

Zackary Drucker

Fight against discrimination, gender equality, precariousness, consideration of disability issues, human rights ... Every two weeks, make an appointment with topics related to diversity and inclusion thanks to the new newsletter of

20 Minutes


Called “All Inclusive”, it will bring together, every other Monday, a selection of articles devoted to the fight against racism, sexism and LGBT-phobias and to the inclusion of people, whatever their situation.

In addition to this selection of articles, you will find, in each issue, a video by Aude Lorriaux, our journalist specializing in discrimination, in which she will analyze the lexicon related to these questions.

As well as advice on cultural programs to read, see or listen to and recommendations for articles to discover in the foreign press on these themes.

Mobilized for several years on these themes and as a signatory of the Charter for Women in the Media,

20 Minutes

 is thus continuing its commitment to diversity.

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