Updated on Tuesday, 9 February 2021 - 07:58

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    Coronavirus Spain today, live news

  • Coronavirus

    Why is it possible to smoke on the street or on the terraces despite the danger of contagion?

  • Pandemic language.

    'New normal' and 'save Holy Week': why do we say one thing when we want to say another?

  • Spain.

    One million infections since Reyes: "If the measures are relaxed, we will reach four million in spring"

Some countries like the

United Kingdom

are delaying the administration of the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine for at least two reasons: the pressure of the large increase in positives, which pushes to immunize more people at least once, and the shortage of available dose, which requires decision-making It is true that even a single dose of the vaccines licensed in






) offers a certain threshold of protection against


, but no studies have been conducted so

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