Perpignan: One of the wolves escaped from the animal park found dead (illustration) -

Christophe Gateau / AP / SIPA

A wolf was found dead in Salses-le-Château, a town located about twenty kilometers north of Perpignan, in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

This is one of six canines that escaped on January 25 from Ecozonia, an animal park.

“The agents of the French Biodiversity Office and the owner of the park have clearly identified it”.

It could be an animal "probably injured" by the shooting of an agent of the French Biodiversity Office a few days earlier, details the prefecture of the Pyrénées-Orientales.

"It is, however, too early to determine" with certainty.

Another wolf on the loose

The day after their arrival in France, the wolves had shown "excessive behavior, leading to a degradation of the wire enclosure allowing the escape of four individuals", details Ecozonia on social networks.

"A healer who tried to intervene was bitten on the forearm and evacuated."

Four wolves have since been found.

Two of them were shot "because they presented a serious danger" and two others "tele-anesthetized and placed in secure boxes", continues Ecozonia.

The last one is still not found.


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