The government launches Tuesday on the screens of the French a major awareness campaign to fight against the exposure of minors to online pornography.

This shocking video spot should make parents realize the extent of the phenomenon, while providing them with concrete solutions to protect their children.

It is a new shock campaign of the government which arrives on our screens, from Tuesday.

We see a family gathered around a table.

A little girl asks her parents, a little embarrassed, how babies are made.

But it is his brother, who plays on a tablet, who answers him and shocks the two adults.

"It's simple," he said in the government spot.

"The woman is on all fours, the man is pulling her hair, and she is screaming very loudly."

A voice-over then recalls that at 12 years old, around 1 in 3 children have already been exposed to online pornography.

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This spot aims to promote a new platform, a website launched Tuesday by the government to fight against the exposure of minors to online pornography.

The first step is to educate parents, who are not necessarily aware of the phenomenon.

But also to help them, to give them very concrete solutions.

"It is a form of violence for children"

A necessary initiative, according to Adrien Taquet, the Secretary of State for Children and Families.

He recalls that exposure to pornography has a very negative impact on children.

"It is a form of violence. The brain of an 11 or 12 year old child is not sufficiently developed from a cognitive and emotional point of view to absorb these types of images", he explains, recalling also that pornography maintains sexist stereotypes of domination.

It's not easy to talk about this subject with your children, but the government platform must now help parents to do so.