Ai Fukuhara, who won medals at the Olympic table tennis for the second time in a row, announced the aim of establishing a new company to work on the spread of table tennis and "I want to create an environment that realizes children's dreams". ..

Mr. Fukuhara founded "omusubi" Co., Ltd., which he represents.

We established an office in Tokyo and launched the company homepage on the 10th.

Mr. Fukuhara has won medals in two consecutive Olympic Games, and after retiring from active duty three years ago, he has been working as an ambassador for the domestic table tennis league and the T league, and is making efforts to popularize and strengthen the competition.

Under these circumstances, we want to realize a wider range of initiatives by establishing a new company. First, we will hold a table tennis tournament "Ai-chan Cup" for children in Miyagi prefecture, and we will play table tennis at a welfare facility for the disabled in Miyagi prefecture. It means that they are planning to donate a table.

The name of the company "omusubi" was given to Mr. Fukuhara because his mother's rice balls were the source of his power and the aim of "connecting" various ties through the company.

Mr. Fukuhara says, "I want to create an environment that makes children's dreams come true. Especially, I want people in Miyagi prefecture to smile and give back something through the company."