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  • Louis Aliot, the mayor (RN) of Perpignan, announced his intention to reopen the main municipal museums in the city on Tuesday.

  • Many museums have expressed their disagreement with their closure in recent days, explaining that these places were monitored and not conducive to crowds.

  • The prefect of Pyrénées-Orientales could challenge this decree before the administrative court.

Louis Aliot, the mayor (RN) of Perpignan, announced on Monday the reopening of four municipal museums from Tuesday.

"Culture is essential to the life of Perpignan residents as it is for all French people," he explains.

It is high time to reopen cultural places, some say it, we do it.

We are experimenting with reopening cultural venues in our museums ”.

Museums will be free for the first month of their reopening.

The Rigaud museum (Fine arts) where an exhibition on the Queens of France is currently taking place, the Casa Pairal (museum on the history of Perpignan and Roussillon), the Puig museum (medal museum) and the history museum natural will be reopened to the public on Tuesday.

A gauge of 10m² per person will be applied.

The Rigaud museum will thus be able to accommodate up to 110 people simultaneously.

A meeting of professionals with Roselyne Bachelot

The mayor of Perpignan has decided not to wait for a possible announcement from the government concerning these places which have been closed since the end of October.

Roselyne Bachelot, Minister of Culture, was to have a working meeting on Monday with professionals in the sector.

But a similar reopening does not seem imminent.

Many museums have expressed their disagreement with their closure in recent days.

They argue that they have guarded spaces where visitors move around without forming flocks that may turn into clusters.

What response from the prefecture?

The prefecture of Pyrénées-Orientales has not yet specified whether it plans to attack these municipal decrees before the administrative court.

The opening orders of non-essential shops taken by the mayor of Perpignan during the second confinement, had been suspended by the justice, seized urgently by the prefecture.


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