(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Zhang Jianzong: Hong Kong's epidemic is repeated but prudent and objective

  China News Service, Hong Kong, February 7th. On the 7th, the Chief Secretary for Administration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Zhang Jianzong said that in February, the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Hong Kong has repeated but is cautiously optimistic. Every second is necessary to prevent and control the epidemic. Make comprehensive deployment and mobilization arrangements according to the actual situation, and make the epidemic prevention and control work detailed, solid, and in-depth, so as to control the epidemic as soon as possible.

  Zhang Jianzong published a blog on the same day that pointed out that the SAR government had taken decisive measures before the Lunar New Year holiday to conduct a series of extensive and frequent "closed areas" enforcement actions.

Excluding the action on the evening of the 6th, Hong Kong has successfully completed 20 "closed area" mandatory inspections in the past two weeks. More than 18,900 people were tested and 15 confirmed cases were found.

  Zhang Jianzong thanked the citizens for their patience, cooperation and tolerance. He also thanked every staff member and thousands of colleagues for their dedication.

He believes that the "closed area" forced inspection can find hidden patients and completely cut off the chain of virus transmission, which is beneficial to the health and safety of the public and the society as a whole. It is definitely worth doing and hopes that the public will understand and support it.

  The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government has tightened its prevention and control measures again recently. Any residential (including dual-use commercial and residential) buildings with one or more confirmed cases must be subject to mandatory inspections.

Zhang Jianzong said that as Hong Kong's testing capabilities have increased substantially and the Health Protection Center's ability to track close contacts of confirmed cases has improved, the SAR government is confident in handling the mandatory inspection arrangements.

  He also said that the SAR government decided earlier that prevention is better than cure and increase its efforts to track the new crown virus in the shortest time.

When the number of infections in the community gradually declines, the number of cases that can be found by mandatory testing will also decrease accordingly. This is the result of increased efforts to fight the epidemic and prevent it before it happens, which is encouraging.