Ice cream in winter, do they still have them all?

The question is understandable, but on the other hand: if you ask children, there is ALWAYS room for ice cream.

And there is simply no better opportunity for this type of ice than when there is heaps of snow outside.

So now.

Don't worry: the snow is not IN the ice.

Rather, we use it to bring what will later become ice to freezing point.

It works like this: You pack the snow in a large, sealable bag, some sweetened whipped cream in a smaller one.

You sink the small bag into the big one.

Then mix salt into the snow, seal the large bag and shake it for at least 15 minutes.

It's best to make a game of it and toss the snow bag from one family member to the next.

If you have to walk back and forth while doing this, stay warm.

And in view of the prospect of a delicious ice cream at the end, children also stay on the ball for a long time, or rather the ice cream cone.

Then you should have a thick cream with the consistency of soft ice cream instead of liquid cream.

Cream ice cream in the snow

Source: James

How does it all work?

Shaking (or tossing) ensures that the cream mixes with air and that even, small ice crystals form.

This creates a creamy mass instead of a hard lump.


The snow alone would not be enough to freeze the cream in 15 minutes - so add salt.

The salt ensures that the snow melts even though it is still very cold (for the same reason it is also used for scattering).

The more salt you add to the snow, the lower the melting temperature.

And the colder the water that sloshes around your ice cream mix, the faster it will turn into ice cream.

Try it!


1 large Ziploc bag (3 or 5 liters capacity)

1 small Ziploc bag (1 liter)

500 ml whipped cream (or a vegan alternative)

3 tbsp maple syrup or 2 sachets of vanilla sugar

4 tbsp salt

Optional: chocolate syrup, biscuit pieces, chocolate pieces, food coloring



Dress warmly and don't forget gloves.

Fill the large ziploc with clean snow.

Source: Katharina James

Mix the maple syrup and whipped cream in a small ziploc.

Press as much air as possible out of the bag and seal it.

If you like, you can now add chocolate syrup or pieces of chocolate.

Smurf or Hulk ice cream is made with blue or green food coloring.

Source: James

Put the small bag in the snow bag.

Add salt to the snow, seal the bag and pack it in another plastic bag.

Source: James


Throw the bag back and forth like a ball for 15-20 minutes.

The movement causes the liquid to form smaller ice crystals.

That makes the ice cream creamy and free of lumps.

The ice cream is ready when the liquid in the smaller bag has turned into a thick mass.

Fish the small bag out of the snow bag, wipe the outside of the salt water, cut off one corner at an angle and press it through the hole into four cups or bowls like a piping bag.

Eat immediately.