Multiple chickens were found dead at a poultry farm in Sosa City, Chiba Prefecture, and genetic testing revealed the avian influenza virus.

Bird flu has been confirmed in Chiba prefecture for the eighth time in a month and a half, and the prefecture plans to slaughter about 250,000 chickens in this poultry farm.

According to Chiba Prefecture, at noon on the 7th, a poultry farm in Sosa City reported that "multiple breeding chickens are dead", and a genetic test was conducted. On the 8th, the "H5 type" bird flu virus Is detected.

In response to this, Chiba Prefecture has decided to slaughter about 250,000 chickens in this poultry farm and disinfect the surrounding area.

In addition, the prefecture has designated a radius of 3 km from this poultry farm as a "movement restricted area" that prohibits the movement of chickens and eggs, and a radius of 10 km as a "restricted export area" that prohibits shipping from that area.

Since the end of December last year, large-scale outbreaks of bird flu have been confirmed one after another in Chiba Prefecture, and this is the eighth case.