[New Year Chronicle] "Queen of Green Onion" in Beijing's Xinfadi: New Year can be celebrated every day after the epidemic passes

  [Concurrent period] Onion merchants and Mao Yongxi in Beijing Xinfadi Market

  When you go out and fight, 24 hours a day will go by, and your pastime at home will also go by 24 hours a day. God will not give you one more minute, nor will you give you one minute less.

  [Commentary] The open-hearted woman in the camera is Mao Yongxi, who is known as the "Queen of Green Onion" in Xinfadi Market, Beijing. Mao Yongxi came to Xinfadi Market in 2003 and started doing odd jobs in the Xinfadi District. Through our own persistent struggle, we have now established more than 3,000 acres of green onion planting bases in Fujian, Shandong, Henan, and Hebei, and registered the well-known "Brave Scallion" brand in the industry with our own name as a trademark.

  [Explanation] Mao Yongxi first came to the Xinfadi market in Beijing because his husband was seriously ill and was unable to take care of himself. He treated the illness and spent his family's savings, and he was also burdened with more than 40,000 yuan in foreign debt.

  [Concurrent period] Onion merchants and Mao Yongxi in Beijing Xinfadi Market

  At that time, I came and wanted to go to Beijing. I was able to pay off the foreign debt of 40,000 yuan. I could build a few bungalows at home, and then I could do a small business at home, a small business, even a stall. Or whatever, or even planting vegetables and land, as long as I can make a living. My greatest ideal was such a big ideal when I came to Xinfadi.

  [Explanation] Mao Yongxi, who first came to Xinfadi, started from basic odd jobs: "peeling onions". When he was most tired, he didn't even have time to go home and sleep. When he was tired, he took a nap in the market.

By chance, the diligent and capable Mao Yongxi was favored by the then onion merchant boss and led her to start the business of selling onions.

Since then, he has gradually expanded his business and achieved the ultimate in "selling onions".

  [Explanation] In 2020, the new crown epidemic broke out. In June of that year, the newly-occurring market became the center of the epidemic.

Recalling the early morning when the Xinfadi market was announced to be closed on June 13, 2020, Mao Yongxi still feels that sad and weak feeling.

  [Concurrent period] Onion merchants and Mao Yongxi in Beijing Xinfadi Market

  I was the most sad that day. I was blinded directly because of the supermarket's request for goods, and our production area has cooperation with farmers, and my own home in Shangshui County, as well as the poverty alleviation base. I said what happened. I said I was worried.

  [Explanation] After the Xinfadi market was closed, Mao Yongxi stayed in isolation at home for 33 days, during which time her vegetable supply was not stopped.

  [Concurrent period] Onion merchants and Mao Yongxi in Beijing Xinfadi Market

  At that time, we controlled by remote control, and then we directly transferred people back from the place of production. Then, because our new place had built a turnover area, a temporary turnover area, because there was still supply, and then (supply) did not stop for a day equal to saying yes.

  [Commentary] On August 15, Xinfadi officially resumed the market.

The market that had been quiet for about two months became lively again. Looking at the busy market, Mao Yongxi couldn't calm down for a long time.

  [Concurrent period] Onion merchants and Mao Yongxi in Beijing Xinfadi Market

  During the quarantine, the new place was quiet and no one was there. On the day of the resumption of the market, a lot of cars came, and the whole road was jammed with cars. I took a lot of small videos in the middle of the road, and made a vibrato. 'S circle of friends, really I just can't help but tears down, and we finally survived.

  [Explanation] In the 18 years of doing business in Xinfadi market, Mao Yongxi has stayed in the market for many times to celebrate the New Year. Under the advocacy of "Chinese New Year in situ" this year, Mao Yongxi and his family will stay in the market and contribute to ensuring the supply of vegetables in Beijing. force.

  [Concurrent period] Onion merchants and Mao Yongxi in Beijing Xinfadi Market

  When we reach the New Year's Eve, when my son will check the account and collect the money, I always open the car to deliver the goods, and I keep it at the stall. Customers come to negotiate the price for them.

At first, I told my mother that I was unhappy with my parents-in-law. Later, they did some work for them. Later they understood very well. I said that after the end of the year, the epidemic is over. I hope that if we look forward to it now, we will look forward to the epidemic. In the past, after the past, I said that we can go home every day for the New Year.

  [Explanation] Mao Yongxi said that although she can't go home to celebrate the New Year, she believes that "New Year's on the spot" will also have a different kind of happiness.

  [Concurrent period] Onion merchants and Mao Yongxi in Beijing Xinfadi Market

  The New Year’s Eve dinner has already been arranged. On the 30th of the New Year, my brother-in-law will sell goods and deliver goods at the market. My sister and my uncle, I said you will leave the New Year’s Eve dinner at home and prepare it. We don’t need to eat any seafood. As usual, we have to have chicken, duck and fish meat after the end, and then the family includes the employees who do not go back, as well as our family members, and our fellow villagers. I can just reunite ourselves.

  Dong Zeyu and Wen Mengxin report from Beijing

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】