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Tony Bennett has just revealed that he has Alzheimer's disease.

In an article published in



, the 94-year-old crooner explains, with the support of his wife Susan, how the syndrome has affected him on a daily basis since his diagnosis four years ago.

"He is not always sure where he is or what is happening around him," said the latter, adding that the singer's ability to recognize everyday objects was impaired.

However, Tony Bennett does not currently suffer from the attacks of terror, rage or depression that people with advanced Alzheimer's can experience.

As such, the pursuit of his musical activity allows the artist to stimulate his brain and slow down the throes of the disease.

Life goes on

“Life is a gift - even with Alzheimer's,” Tony Bennett wrote on Instagram in a post accompanying the publication of the article.

Since his first hits in 1951 with

I Left My Heart In San Francisco


The Shadow Of Your Smile

, the singer has never retired, and he was still at the top of the charts in 2015 with

Cheek to Cheek

, his duet album. with Lady Gaga.

Moreover, the singer took the opportunity to announce a suite, recorded during the past two years.

But as Gayatra Devi, her neurologist, regrets, the end of concerts and the general isolation caused by the pandemic has a negative impact on these patients.

“Before the pandemic, his memory was much better.

And he is not alone.

Many patients are negatively affected by isolation and the inability to do the things that matter to them.

For someone like Tony Bennett, the stimulation that the concerts gave him was very important, ”said the doctor.


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