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Come on, do we take a look at the TV news?

The number of the week

When Jean Castex and Nagui join forces, not even the Avengers could do anything against them.

On Thursday, the Prime Minister was speaking at his now almost traditional weekly press conference.

France 2 broadcast his speech until 7 p.m. then let Nagui and his karaoke pros take over for

Don't Forget the Lyrics


Boosted by the government voice, the show brought together 4.83 million people.

If this is not a historical record (established at 4.99 million viewers), the game of Nagui has still gained 600,000 curious compared to the day before.

The instant zapping


Touche pas à mon poste

received Thierry Olive, a key figure in

L'amour est dans le pré


On the set, the farmer spoke as part of a debate on the dangerousness of notoriety to tell that he had been threatened with death by one of his neighbors, an ax in his hand.

But the way Thierry Olive told his story obviously amused the talk-show team, laughing.

"Thierry, as usual you make us laugh because as you tell, it's true that it's exceptional", then launches Cyril Hanouna in an attempt to apologize.

"It's still exceptional to have an ax in front of you", retorts the farmer.

After three minutes of an embarrassing sequence (to see here), the host takes things in hand but dozens of viewers have meanwhile denounced the behavior of the show's team on social networks .

The announcer news

Before moving on to the “popcorn” news, what if we take a video break to watch what awaits us on TV this Saturday?

A busy schedule, you will see it!

The popcorn info

She's one of our favorite shows of 2020 and should be back on the small screen soon.

On Wednesday, M6 called for nominations for the second season of

Who Wants To Be My Partner?

, announced

The Audiovisual Letter


The future of the show presented by Julien Courbet was far from being all mapped out with only 1.6 million followers on average over the six episodes.

There is no doubt that the health crisis and its impact on companies prompted the decision to relaunch the program, the aim of which is to help innovative companies find financing from five investors.

We told you about it when we told you behind the scenes of



last January and it's now official.

After having portrayed the life of his French teacher a little rock'n'roll for five years, the TF1 series has decided to take the air to its heroine by making big changes for season 6. “It is in a small rural village that our city dweller will have the effect of a tornado and thus find a second wind.

New settings, new school, new characters, new challenges… ”, promises the channel in a press release.

Filming will begin in mid-April.

If you ever have a grudge against Stéphane Rotenberg, we advise you to avoid connecting to M6 in the coming weeks.

The host will host

Top Chef

every Wednesday from February 10, then, two weeks later, he will present another emblematic program of the channel: 

Pékin Express


The first episode of the new edition entitled "On the tracks of the Red Land" will be available from Tuesday 23 February and will take the eight pairs to Uganda.


"Beijing Express": A traffic accident causes the death of a person during the filming


"The Voice": Very badly seated, he takes advantage, Vianney

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