Marilyn Manson's manager, Tony Ciulla, will stop representing the musician, writes music magazine

Rolling Stone


The reason is the accusations of several women, including actress Evan Rachel Wood, of abuse and manipulation by the singer.

Ciulla had worked as the manager of Brian Warner, Manson's real name, since 1996.

In that year the musician broke through to the general public with

Antichrist Superstar


His record label and agency also announced this week that they no longer want to work with the 52-year-old musician.

Network Starz decided to cut him from the

American Gods


and AMC kicked him out of



Wood, known from the



, reported last week via social media that Manson, her ex, has abused her for years.

After that he was accused by four other women.

On Thursday, singer Phoebe Bridgers reported how she came to Manson as a teenager.

"He called a room in his house the 'rape room'. I thought at the time that it was terrible bad boy humor. (..) Everyone knew about it;

Manson said on Tuesday that he did not recognize the allegations of the women.

“My work and life have always attracted controversy, but the recent allegations against me are serious distortions of the truth,” he wrote on Instagram.

"The intimate relationships I've had have always been mutual. The fact that others now choose to twist the past, and why, does not alter the fact that this is the truth."