HBO will make a film about the action of thousands of small investors to increase the price of the GameStop share at the expense of large hedge funds.

Netflix previously announced a documentary about the battle between 'ordinary' investors and Wall Street,




The HBO movie will be produced by Jason Blum (



The Purge

) and Andrew Ross Sorkin (



It is still unknown what the film will be called, but it is clear that the madness surrounding the GameStop share is central.

Last month, the game seller's shares suddenly increased in value.

At its peak a value of 483 dollars (401 euros) was reached.

This while in the five years before that, the share never exceeded $ 35.

The unprecedented increase was caused by many smaller investors calling on the website Reddit to buy shares in GameStop.

In this way, investors wanted to boost the share price and thereby thwart short sellers.

These shortsellers are speculating on a fall in prices and have lost billions due to the rapid rise in GameStop shares.

The HBO project is not the first project about GameStop.

On Thursday, Netflix announced the documentary

To The Moon

by writer Mark Boal (

The Hurt Locker


Zero Dark Thirty


MGM bought the film rights to

Ben Mezrich's upcoming


The Antisocial Network

about the stock market madness.

Two documentaries were also announced by smaller production houses.

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