In the headlines: the Ivory Coast in mourning, Laurent Dona Fologo is dead

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Laurent Dona Fologo.

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By: Norbert Navarro

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What sadness!


thus launches Africa on 7


The death

(at 82 years old)

of the Ivorian politician, Laurent Dona Fologo


is a big loss for Côte d'Ivoire


in mourning


Referring to “ 

several sources

 ”, without specifying which ones, Afrique sur 7 reports that “

 the president of the Economic and Social Council under President Laurent Gbagbo, died of an infection

(with the coronavirus).

This increases the psychosis caused by this pandemic at present, 

”notes this newspaper on the Internet.

Ivorian politician?

Certainly, but not only… Laurent Dona Fologo, who, as Yeclo puts it, has just “ 

bowed out 

”, was also a journalist (first editor-in-chief of Fraternité Matin), minister without stopping for ten years during the time of “ 

father of modern Ivory Coast

 ”, President Félix Houphouët-Boigny, of whom he was a“ 



underlines Yeclo

, before


, for four years, as Minister of State to President Henri Konan Bédié .

To which the site adds that

, " 

for three weeks

 " after the military coup of December 24, 1999 in Côte d'Ivoire, when the fatal "

Father Christmas in fatigues



, Laurent Dona Fologo "

 wiped out storm 

”by holding both the general secretariat and the interim presidency of the PDCI, the former single party, which was and remains the leading political party in Côte d'Ivoire, of which Laurent Dona Fologo was, for ten years , general secretary.

So there you have it for the first online tributes available at this early hour and to which we join ourselves here by reporting, once is not customary in the French press review on Saturday, those of the Ivorian press.

Gladly, with respect.

In France, variants of the coronavirus are rapidly gaining ground

According to a document delivered yesterday by Health Insurance to medical biology laboratories, and

the content of which is reported by Le Figaro

, three days ago, on Wednesday therefore, the English, South African and Brazilian variants total 21.3% of the number of new cases.

An epidemiologist from Public Health France estimated that

"the weight of variants increases by 50% per week",

points this daily.

These French people living abroad who attack the state

They are "


 ", these French expatriates outside the European Union who seek to return to France,

points out

Le Figaro


In vain.

Seven of them, residing in the United States, have just appealed to the Council of State, reports this daily: lawyer Pierre Ciric, who works in New York, and six elected representatives of French people living abroad located in the States. -United.

Their complaint before the High Administrative Court is based on a fundamental right, that of return to the mother country, because the law "cannot

prohibit a French national from returning to France", say the complainants to Le Figaro.

Foreigners were then taken into custody for refusing a PCR test.

It is Le Parisien who reveals this story


According to this daily, at the end of last week, four foreigners from the Paris-Vincennes administrative detention center were " 


" to cells and to hearings, " 

sometimes for 48 hours


Le Parisien

thus reports the case of a Senegalese, who was even " 

referred for an appearance on prior admission of guilt, a procedure otherwise called

" plead guilty "(...)

He explained to the police that he had been summoned to the detention center infirmary without knowing what to expect.

He therefore refused to go there.

Taken to the Paris judicial court, he was tried in immediate appearance


The judges sentenced him to three months in prison for evading the execution of a deportation measure at the border

 ”, points out

Le Parisian


Journal in which a lawyer denounces a " 

serious violation of freedoms

 ", because the PCR test is a " 

medical act that is personal and we must be able to refuse it.

Because these are foreigners in an irregular situation, can we do anything to them?

 “Asks Master Martin Vettes in

Le Parisien


Good question, indeed.


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