In the debate about easing corona protection requirements from mid-February, the SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach believes that daycare centers and primary schools should be partially opened.

Daycare and elementary school children can hardly be expected to have certain restrictions in the long term, Lauterbach told the newspapers of the Essen Funke media group (Saturday).

“Therefore, one should consider switching to alternate classes in primary school”.

To protect teachers, children and parents, Lauterbach suggested corona antigen tests in school classes as well as "giving preference to primary school teachers".

If the number of new infections remains constant or increases due to this school opening, the lockdown must be tightened again, the SPD politician demands.

"But then one would have to concentrate on measures outside of school, in particular further private contact restrictions and more binding regulations in the companies."

The current lockdown will last until mid-February.

Next Wednesday, the heads of government from the federal and state levels will discuss how to proceed in the corona pandemic.

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