At noon on February 3, two Chinese white dolphins were playing in the water near Nantang Village, Yantian Township, Xiapu County, Fujian Province.

Sometimes they are exposed to the surface of the sea, sometimes diving into the water; sometimes swimming separately, sometimes moving side by side... Repeatedly, it lasted more than two hours before leaving.

It is understood that the Chinese white dolphin is a national first-class protected animal, known as the "mermaid" and "water giant panda".

  Prior to this, white dolphins have also appeared in the Xiapu waters of Fujian. Because the white dolphins have very high water quality requirements, they have also become a living indicator for testing the marine ecological environment.

  It is reported that in recent years, Fujian’s coastal areas have severely cracked down on illegal sea sand mining, illegal construction on uninhabited islands and reefs, and dumping at sea, and a series of actions that destroy the marine ecological environment, and are committed to maintaining marine resources and marine ecological environment.

(Edited by Wu Shengwei and Zheng Peiluan, Wu Shengwei)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】