After a complicated decade, Panini Manga is back with a strong reissuing policy, here "Demon Slayer", "Sidooh" and "Aozora Yell" -

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  • At the start of the 2010s, Panini Manga stopped many series and frustrated so many fans

  • With the success of 

    Demon Slayer

    , the publisher is back in the race with a policy of reissuing classics like



    Banana Fish,

    Lone Wolf & Cub

  • He also undertakes to release the rest of several series, without forgetting some new features

In 2020, one in two comics sold was a manga, and in the top 10, we find of course

One Piece




Dragon Ball

, and a new kid,

Demon Slayer


Finally "small".

And "new".

Indeed, the manga of Koyoharu Gotōge is a phenomenon such as Japan has not known for a long time, whether in booksellers with sales records, but also on television and in the cinema.

The animated film has just dethroned

Spirited Away

as the biggest hit of all time at the Japanese box office.

Demon Slayer

is published in France by Panini Manga, at the rate of one volume every two months, and volume 16 is expected in March.

But 2021 will also be the year of rebirth and reissues for Panini.

Do you know

Les prôdeurs de la nuit


Stopped series and frustrated fans

Launched in 2016 in Japan,

Kimetsu no Yaiba

was published the following year in France by Panini under the title

Les rôdeurs de la nuit


Three volumes later, the title is stopped, before being relaunched in September 2019 following the carton of the animated and under its international title: 

Demon Slayer 


Yes, toutélié.

This editorial misadventure could only be an accident, if Panini Manga had not gone through a complicated period of its last ten years, between stopped series and readers' frustrations.

You just have to go see the comments of a site like Manga News to realize it.

“When the manga was fired, I was over the moon.

Unfortunately, after 5 volumes, nothing more.

I've been waiting for the sequel for almost four years, ”Faniie wrote in 2017 about Aozora Yell, a 19-volume shôjo.

Ditto for the science fiction series

Red Eyes

, stopped in 2013, after a first break between 2007 and 2011, while it continues in Japan and currently has 25 volumes.

“And m… Obviously, Panini dropped this manga without even warning its readers.

The sequel has been available for a very long time, so I doubt they'll do it again, ”reacts Rag.

A manga market hit by the economic crisis

There are a dozen titles that the publisher stopped at the start of the 2010s, including



All Rounder Meguru


From 5 to 9


Girls Girls Girls

… “The manga market has been brutally and durably hit. by the economic crisis of 2008, explains Masahiro Choya, new editorial director of Panini Manga for a year.

Sales fell for everyone, not just Panini, and they struggled to get out for two or three years.

It was therefore necessary to stop certain series, in particular shôjo which represent a significant part of the Panini Manga catalog.

But it should be noted that Panini does not release manga to stop them.

It was reluctantly.

If they could, they would have continued.

And if they had communicated more to readers, the pill, however hard to swallow, might have gone better.

📅 Meet on January 27 for the release of volumes 1 and 2 of Sidooh, the merciless story of two orphans trying to survive as best they can in a violent and tormented Japan.

📚 An excerpt from the first volume is available at your bookseller!

- Panini Manga France (@PaniniManga) January 22, 2021

A strong reissuing policy

We must therefore see the relaunch, and the success, of

Demon Slayers

as a cornerstone to a building focused on readers.

After the Perfect Edition of

20th Century Boys

, the masterpiece of Naoki Urasawa, Panini Manga reissues


, historical manga and cult of the Shueisha which stopped at volume 14 (out of 25) in 2014. The opportunity to (re) discover the powerful trait of designer Tsutomu Takahashi, also at work on

Bakuon Retto




The first two volumes have been available since the end of January, like those of

Aozora Yell

by Kazune Kawahara.

Next up are other flagship titles such as the cyberpunk benchmark


and the acclaimed and avant-garde thriller

Banana Fish

in March, then a big piece, the samurai monument

Lone Wolf & Cub

at the end of the year.

“They are classics, because of the quality of the design, the story,” comments Masahiro Choya.

We wanted to offer readers a new edition, with a new format, a new cover.

Re-editing them is also a way of saying that we are sorry and that we will do our best.


Don't sell your manga, the sequel is coming

And that's not all.

Panini is also committed to resume and complete stopped series.


“No, they won't all come back,” admits the editorial director.

Manga News had reported a list of headlines, but the health crisis has caused several delays and Masahiro Choya does not want to come forward.

Let us mention all the same, in the planning, the sequels of

Stardust Wink, Young Black Jack, Psychic Detective Yakumo, Koi Furu Colorful, Honey Bitter, Awa Koi, Promesses en rose, Le Fil du destin

... Sometimes in double or even triple format to go and finish faster.

A commitment to historical readers.

But for those who would like to start these series, sometimes out of print, are reprints of the first volumes planned?

“It is under study.


Beyond this policy of reissuing and promoting its catalog, Panini also plans to release new products, five to six per year, with for example the strange and aerial 

Sarissa of Noctilucent Sky

already available, and in April, the post-apocalyptic


, a four-volume series with which Masahiro Choya fell in love and for which he is planning a major editorial and marketing plan.


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