The Rule of Law Youth Says | It is piracy, not fire, that ends everyone's film and television

  The well-known "Renren Film and Television Subtitling Group" is cold.

  On the 3rd, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau reported that the Shanghai police successfully solved the “9.8” case of trans-provincial copyright infringement of film and television works after three months of careful investigation and with the vigorous cooperation of the police in Shandong, Hubei, and Guangxi. 14 suspects headed by.

  The "skin" of this gang that infringes on the copyright of film and television works is the well-known "Renren Film and Television Subtitle Group" in the online world.

According to the police report, the number of registered members on its website reached more than 8 million.


  Why did an infringement case arouse the attention of the whole network?

  In the words of some netizens, the subtitle group is a "memory of youth", like Prometheus in ancient Greek mythology, the "sky fire" that steals overseas film and television works.

  However, with the continuous introduction of genuine resources, the continuous expansion of viewing channels, and the development of viewers' paying habit, the existence of "subtitle groups" has gradually become untimely.

  After all, for the subtitle group born in the "barbaric period" of copyright, "theft of fire" is still controversial, but "pirated" is irrefutable.

  In order to avoid legal risks, the subtitle group often slogans "sharing, free, and charity".

But is it true that "not for profit"?

  A set of data in the police report is eye-catching: the suspect Liang and others have established multiple companies, set up and rented servers at home and abroad, developed, operated, and maintained the "Renren Film and Television Subtitle Group" APP and related websites.

Illegal profits were made by collecting website membership fees, advertising fees, and selling mobile hard drives for recording infringing film and television works. The amount involved was more than 16 million yuan.

  Regarding the profit of piracy, the criminal law makes it clear: for the purpose of profit, without the permission of the copyright owner, copying and distributing to the public through the information network, its written works, music, art, audiovisual works, computer software, and laws and administrative regulations If the illegal income of other works is large or there are other serious circumstances, it constitutes the crime of copyright infringement.

  "The production of film and television subtitle groups over the years has a certain positive significance for netizens to appreciate works. However, regardless of the form of dissemination of foreign or domestic works, it should abide by the copyright law and the relevant international copyright conventions that my country has joined." Director General of the Chinese Writing Copyright Association Zhang Hongbo said that from the current situation disclosed by the police, the actions of the operators of the "Renren Film and Television Subtitling Group" are neither fair use under the copyright law, nor statutory license, and are suspected of infringing intellectual property rights and criminal offences.


  The fall of the "Renren Film and Television Subtitle Group" also represents the end of the Internet copyright chaos.

  Reasonable audiences should realize that the other side of "piracy convenience" is a huge damage to the immediate interests and creative enthusiasm of the original creator. In the long run, it will have a fatal impact on the development of the cultural market.

The cost of the deterioration of this "cultural ecology" will ultimately have to be paid by the audience.

  This is why, China has been working hard for many years in combating online infringement and piracy.

  Since 2005, the National Copyright Administration and other relevant departments have carried out the "Sword Net Action", a special campaign to combat Internet infringement and piracy.

A number of major cases of infringement and piracy, such as the infringement case of Kuaiban player and the infringement case of "Shooter Net Subtitle Group", have been investigated and dealt with.

  In terms of legislation, the "Notice of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television on Strengthening the Management of Internet Audiovisual Program Content" issued in April 2009 clarified that domestic and foreign films, TV series, domestic and foreign cartoons that have not obtained relevant licenses shall not be disseminated on the Internet.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, a series of related laws and regulations have been promulgated and perfected one after another, woven the legal network of intellectual property protection more and more densely.

  For example, the newly revised Copyright Law passed last year improved the relevant regulations on copyright protection in cyberspace, greatly increased the upper limit of legal compensation for infringements, and clarified the principle of punitive damages; the Civil Code that came into force on New Year’s Day this year also treats acts of deliberate infringement of intellectual property rights The provision of punitive damages further "supports" creators in safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests.

  "The'Everyone Film and Television Subtitle Group' has been investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the law. This is an important achievement in the convergence of copyright law and criminal law, and demonstrates the determination of the party and the state to strengthen copyright protection and increase the cost of infringement." Zhang Hongbo said.


  "Innovation is the first driving force for development, and protecting intellectual property rights is protecting innovation." At present, my country has raised the protection of intellectual property rights to an unprecedented level.

  my country is changing from a big country in the introduction of intellectual property rights to a big country in intellectual property creation.

Analyzed from this perspective, the infringement case of the "Renren Film and Television Subtitle Group" has significant benchmarking significance, and it releases a strong signal that the country is actively promoting the protection of intellectual property rights.

  Of course, we should also see that the rise and fall of subtitle groups is closely related to the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the people.

The other side of combating piracy must be to encourage genuine copies.

  Zhang Hongbo suggested that in order to meet the needs of the masses, copyright trade should be vigorously strengthened, and domestic book publishing units, film and television companies, and online film and television platforms should be encouraged to purchase overseas copyrights through legal channels; excellent translators should be selected to translate and produce works and put them in the country as soon as possible Market; increase dissemination through the Internet and digital new media, so that domestic people have diversified channels to understand excellent film and television books.

  "Copyright exchanges are two-way. While scientifically, rationally and vigorously importing foreign film and television works, we should also increase efforts to export more Chinese film and television works so that Chinese culture can go out." He said.

  China's opening door is getting bigger and bigger. We don't need to "steal fire". We can fully communicate and grow together with the world's excellent culture.

  Reporter: Bai Yang, Xu Zhuang