Jean Castex on February 4, 2021. -

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The situation "remains worrying", warns Jean Castex.

But the Prime Minister, who takes stock of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, this Thursday, insisted: despite "the real threat" of the Covid variants, the situation "does not justify a new confinement" for the moment.

Despite the 20,000 new cases and 1,600 new hospitalizations daily and with “6 out of 10 patients” in intensive care who are Covid patients, “we have not experienced a major epidemic outbreak” in recent weeks, according to Castex.

But "we must never let our guard down", insists the Prime Minister.

The share of variants has increased from 3.3% on January 8 to 14% today.

According to Jean Castex, "confinement would mean the closure of many of our businesses but also of schools", with "an economic, social and human cost".

“A new confinement can only be considered as a very last resort.

The situation does not justify it to date, with the incidence rate which remains lower than that of October ”.

To date, 1.6 million first doses of vaccine have been administered.

If France began after many European countries, Jean Castex ensures that the campaign is gaining momentum, with 100,000 doses administered every day Monday and Tuesday.

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