The video falsely associated with a forced vaccination campaign against Covid-19.


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  • A video relayed on social networks shows schoolchildren, visibly panicked, running (or even jumping from the first floor) from their establishment.

  • They would thus seek, according to the legend associated with the sequence, to escape vaccination against Covid-19.

  • These images filmed in Nigeria have nothing to do with the pandemic, however, since they date back to 2019.

A crowd fleeing at full speed from a building, the members of a small group who took turns jumping from the first floor to escape, all in the midst of cries of panic: this striking scene relayed on the social networks, would show, according to its legend, "children fleeing forced vaccination" in "Africa".

(Africa) Children fleeing forced vaccination πŸ’‰

- Myriam Mauconduit (@ mimi66550) February 2, 2021

However, a reverse image search shows that the original video was visible online long before the coronavirus pandemic: it was found on Facebook as early as May 2019. It was shot in Nigeria.


The same sequence was then presented there under the following headline: β€œAn SS2 student at CSS Oroworokwu High School in Port Harcourt brought in firearms and tear gas for a fight between SS2 and SS3 students.

While showing them to his comrades, he detonated one of the grenades without knowing it and it became chaos !!


A search with the name of the establishment confirms, in view of the photos and various press articles published at the time, that it is in Nigeria and that such an incident did indeed take place there in the spring. 2019, as reported in particular by BBC Pidgin - even if the video is now experiencing a resurgence of virality thanks to its misleading association with Covid-19, observed in particular by our colleagues from the Observers of France 24.

Finally, as AfricaCheck clarifies, Nigeria, awaiting Pfizer vaccines, has not yet started its vaccination campaign against Covid-19 to date.


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