Nance Coolen has mixed feelings about the past few years in which she had no television work.

The 47-year-old presenter had more time for her family, but was disappointed that she was no longer asked for presentation jobs.

"It comes and goes, I think," Coolen tells



"At a certain point you will no longer be called. If you do not chase after it, you will automatically become a bit in the background."

"For presenters, no vacancies appear online; it is a matter of waiting and hoping that they think of you. At the same time, a new generation has emerged, young people who are more prominent or who force their place."

Coolen himself is not quick to ask for such attention.

"Scouring all the red carpets and showing me how I cook potatoes on social media, that's not for me."

The presenter, who has been back on SBS for two weeks with the program

Helden van nu

, first found it difficult when people asked her on the street when they could expect her on television again.

“Then I said, 'It is what it is.'

But I was really fed up. "

Coolen is happy to have spent a lot of time with her husband Pico and son Robin in recent years.

"I was always on for work since I was sixteen. If they called: 'Pack your bags, we will fly tonight', I would already be gone."

Coolen previously presented programs such as

Lingo, TV Woonmagazine



She was also part of the music formation Twenty 4 Seven.