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You only need to enter Twitter any night from Monday to Friday from 9:00 p.m. to know what is being cooked and who is being cooked.

And what is in the pot every night has a

Vicente Vallés



Antena 3 Noticias 2

, the news programs of which he is the director and presenter, are the cause of what could popularly be called the 'come-come' every night.

The charisma that

Vicente Vallés

and his team have given to the Antena 3 evening news programs receive the same volume of praise as of criticism every night.

Voracious and tireless criticism and pressure, which, as he himself has recognized in an interview, have not achieved the objective they intended.

Vicente Valles

continues day by day granting what he has done to his unique newscast, "not being satisfied with the official truth."

And, again, he has gotten the best of revenge: not only is it again the most watched news program on television, but it is also the most watched program on television in the month of January.

The audience data that came out this Monday have left

Antena 3

two tenths behind its main competitor, Telecinco;

They have given the



the first position, the best result for Atresmedia TV in almost 2 years, and they have placed

Antena 3 Noticias

(all its news programs) as the leader and with the best data in 12 years.

Guilty of this, many, from the news programs of

Sandra Golpe


Antena 3 Noticias 1

), which is also the leader in its time slot, through the weekend news of

Matías Prat


Mónica Carrillo

, until reaching him,

Vicente Vallés

, because all of them have become leaders in news programs, but the repercussion of

Vicente Vallés'


is undeniable.

Of course, the time we are living in influences,


, coalition government -with its dimes and diretes-, data and more data, information and more information, and, of course, the push of


, the program that gives way to

Antena 3 Noticias 2


Vicente Vallés

, and that it has also achieved the most watched month in its history, but that some news programs are the most watched program in a month and for the second time in a row cannot be a matter of luck or chance, or just push , of course not.

Some will say that the reflections of

Vicente Vallés

, which make headlines day in and day out, are very much to blame.


But that gives an ephemeral glory and that of

Vicente Vallés

no longer is, it is a consolidated success that pushes harder every month.

Does everything Vicente Vallés touches turn to gold?

You just have to reel off the data: in the month of January

Antena 3

has achieved the milestone of achieving the 25 most viewed broadcasts, in a ranking led by


(which achieved last Tuesday with the departure of Luis being the most viewed broadcast in January ) and

Antena 3 Noticias 2


The contest reaches the most watched month in the entire history of television with about

3.4 million viewers on average

, while

Vicente Vallés'

news programs

are the most watched in January with about

3.6 million viewers


Not even

El Hormiguero

, who accumulates golden minutes like the most and who has also had his best month, can with

Vicente Vallés


So you can see what

Vicente Vallés means

, of all the

El Hormiguero

broadcasts this month

, the most viewed, guess, guess ... Yes, the most viewed was the night the journalist was in

El Hormiguero

, where he got

a share 20.7%


Can it be said that everything

Vicente Vallés


or everything

Vicente Vallés

is in turns into gold?

You can, you can, but the price is high.

Nothing is free.

His peculiar, successful, laborious and unique way of doing the news has raised him to the top of television audiences, but it also costs and costs a lot.

It costs that every night, and even, every day afterwards, everyone talks, and not always for the better, about what

Vicente Vallés

has said or done


If Vicente Vallés criticizes the Government's management in the



, if

Vicente Vallés

makes a comment about whether Unidos Podemos or the Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, has said so or has said that, or if

Vicente Vallés

makes a summary of the statements by Fernando Simón since the pandemic arrived in Spain and what has happened after,

Vicente Vallés

has become the target of many and from all areas.

Some may wonder if these analyzes, if these reflections should exist, or if the news should be aseptic, flat, without opinion, without evaluations.

What if that opinion is based on verified and proven information?

Would you still lack objectivity?

Each one is free to believe and express what they consider, the same freedom of expression that a journalist has as long as the truth is not lacking, as long as the information is not lacking.

Vallés: "Those who try to pressure cannot prevent people from being free"

Always in the eye of the hurricane, always in the spotlight.

He, by being the visible face of the news, but also the news.

A daily pressure to which is added the pressure to be the most viewed, to have so much audience, to be seen by so many people.

You cannot fail.

"There are two predominant feelings. First,


in verifying that the work of so many colleagues has the prize that the spectators choose us. Secondly, it involves an enormous


: to be aware that more than

3.5 million Spaniards are they report to us every day

and we have to respond to that challenge.

Those who try to pressure cannot prevent people from being free

, and see the news program they want to see, "he assures EL MUNDO hours after learning that Antena 3 Noticias 2 is a leader in informative and the most watched program.

Responsibility and satisfaction, but also a phrase that perfectly defines what television is and, above all, what viewers are: nobody, not even those who press, can force people to see what they want.

And what you want to see at 9:00 p.m. to find out are the news from

Antena 3 Noticias 2


He already said it in

El Hormiguero

, "being a journalist is an important job for society" and, surely, that is the key to success.

Vicente Vallés

and his team give the feeling that their conception of making a news program has a premise, like the three rules of robotics, but summarized in just one, reporting is a social task.

And to inform is not to dance the water to anyone, it is not to say what those who are informed want to hear, nor is it to think about what consequences that information will have for him or her.

To report is to tell what is happening, like it or not, call it "facha" or call it "red", because in the end who has to assess whether it is being reported, if they are telling what is happening is the man, the the lady or the young man who is at home, and it is clear that if with the newscasts of

Antena 3 Noticias 2

and, in general with all the newscasts of

Antena 3

, that did not happen, the data of audiences that occurred this Monday would be very far from being what they have been.

Indeed, then you have to have charisma, you have to give it character, you have to give it personality, you have to give them something that makes them unique.

The final comments of

Vicente Vallés

at the end of each newscast and that cause so much commotion and controversy, is a part.

But so is the way of telling the information.

For example, on the day of the inauguration of

Joe Biden

, the newscasts of

Antena 3 Noticias 2 were

not limited to showing the video of the inauguration, the acts, the speech and ball point.

They mounted a 3D White House on the plate through which Vicente Vallés walked explaining each building that made it up, how the oval office had been moved, where the president's offices were, and other details.

The same thing happened the day after the Capitol was taken.

A 3D infographic of the Capitol once again gave what others do not.

A different way of communicating, of understanding the transmission of information.

The key to the success of Vicente Vallés

But what is really the key to success?

It is

Vicente Vallés


who answers:

"There is never a single reason. It is usually a sum of circumstances. There is, without a doubt, a general push from the entire chain that helps the news. In our case, it is fortunate to have



El Hormiguero

on our side

. But Furthermore, the editorial staff of

Antena 3 Noticias

has shown a very high level of professionalism. And that is noticeable in a very special way at a time of great demand for information, like this one. I think we do the news with a more modern image in Spain. And , the most important thing: we are never satisfied with believing that the official truth is the truth. When in addition to being official it is true, we tell it. But, when we have the data to ensure that the official truth is not the truth (or not the whole truth),

we say it clearly and we demonstrate it

. "

It can be said louder, that

Vicente Vallés

will not be the one to say it louder

, but not clearer.

"We are never satisfied with believing that the official truth is the truth."

What some call annoying journalism, journalism of a bloody fly, journalism as journalism should be understood, bother whoever bothers, because it bothers whoever bothers "when we have the data to ensure that the official truth is not the truth, we say it clearly and we show it. "

Nothing more to add, Your Honor.

And it doesn't matter which side it is, because whatever side it is will always bother whatever side it is.

And annoying, of course annoying, and they are not few.

It shouldn't be easy to be in the center of the target practically every night.

It must exhaust, it must make many things turn too many times, but as the Spanish proverb says, there is no greater contempt than not appreciating.

The awards received soften the bad drinks, although they also bring with them more pressure, but it is already another type of pressure, it is the pressure of responsibility.

But they calm, they appease, they satisfy.

As it calms, soothes and satisfies the scandalous audience data obtained and ratified.

It's not just getting there, it's staying.

It is


, the way to respond without disheveled and without getting upset to those who "try to pressure."

It is the


, the


of a whole team, his,

Vicente Vallés


As Frank Sinatra said,

"the best revenge is a great success



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