[Well-off China] The "green" Yellow River flows through Lanzhou City residents lamented where the "Yellow" River has gone

  [Explanation] Recently, in the Lanzhou section of the Yellow River, the water is clear, and the bottom can be clearly seen near the shore, and many migratory birds play for food.

Looking down from a high altitude, under the influence of the sun, the color is even more "emerald green", changing the impression of the yellow river in the past.

  In this regard, Feng Zhiliang, deputy director of the Lanzhou Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from China News Agency that in winter, the temperature is low, the loess is frozen, and there is little precipitation, and the amount of sediment entering the river becomes less and the Yellow River becomes clear.

  [Concurrent] Feng Zhiliang, Deputy Director of Lanzhou Water Affairs Bureau

  In the summer, we saw that the water in the Yellow River was relatively yellow. The main reason was that there was heavy rainfall in the upper reaches, which brought sediment into the Yellow River. It (seems) turned yellow. This does not mean that the water quality is not up to standard.

In winter, it looks clear because there is no muddy water.

  [Explanation] Liu Ying, who grew up on the bank of the Yellow River, always has an endless feeling for the Yellow River.

Now she is a pipe dredger at the Lanzhou Municipal Wastewater Treatment Supervision Center. She inspects the sewage pipes every day to ensure that the domestic sewage is pressurized through the pumping station, sent to the sewage treatment plant, and discharged into the Yellow River after meeting the standards.

  Liu Ying, who has witnessed the process of "sewage entering the river" to "precision treatment" in the past, has another important task. She needs to walk along the Yellow River to check whether the rainwater pipes are open and smell the water.

Although the work is monotonous and repetitive, in her opinion, guarding the Yellow River is worth it.

  [Concurrent] Liu Ying, Pipe Dredger, Lanzhou Sewage Treatment Supervision Center

  After several years of black and smelly water remediation and atmospheric remediation, our Lanzhou city has bluer sky and clearer water, and migratory birds from the south have also ran to the Yellow River to roost. This affirms our work and proves that the Yellow River is well regulated and people are willing. Come to the Yellow River.

  [Explanation] He Mingyang, the director of the Lanzhou Municipal Wastewater Treatment Supervision Center, said that Lanzhou is the capital city where the Yellow River passes through the city. Centralized sewage treatment can not only ensure the water safety of urban residents, but also protect the Yellow River to a certain extent.

  [Concurrent] He Mingyang, Director of Lanzhou Sewage Treatment Supervision Center

  (In recent years) All sewage pipe networks along the Yellow River in Lanzhou have been blocked and renovated.

The (new) construction of a sewage treatment plant will increase the sewage treatment capacity from about 130,000 m3 to 540,000 m3 per day, and the sewage treatment rate will increase from about 50% to 97% at present. (treated sewage) urban sewage Pollutant Level B standards play a very important role in protecting the Yellow River. 

  [Explanation] The geographical feature of Lanzhou's "two mountains and one river" presents a scene where the north and the south are surrounded by mountains and the east and west Yellow River runs through the city.

Before the founding of the People's Republic of China, Lanzhou had a bad ecological environment, and there was a saying among the people that "yellow water shines on barren mountains".

  Ren Zhibin, deputy commander of the Environmental Greening Project Headquarters of the North and South Mountains of Lanzhou, said that in order to improve the ecological environment around Lanzhou, reduce dust pollution and reduce soil erosion, Lanzhou people carry ice on the mountain every year, carry water and fight drought, plant trees and reforest to feed a baby. Energy to plant a tree.

Finally, thanks to the efforts of several generations, planted forests have covered both inside and outside the city.

  [Concurrent] Ren Zhibin, deputy commander of the environmental greening project headquarters of the northern and southern mountains of Lanzhou

  At present, 620,000 acres of artificial forest land has been preserved around Lanzhou City, forming a green ecological barrier. In 2019, the northern and southern mountain forest regions released 538,800 tons of oxygen, reducing the sedimentation of the Yellow River in the Lanzhou section of the river by 556,800 ( cubic meter).

  [Explanation] The once deserted north and south mountains on both sides of the Yellow River in Lanzhou, the hardship of the Lanzhou people "back the ice and climb the mountains" in exchange for "green trees in summer, green pines and cypresses in winter".

It is reported that the comprehensive evaluation of the outbound water quality of the Lanzhou section of the Yellow River has steadily reached Class II for four consecutive years, achieving the goal of "a river of purified water sent downstream".

  Ai Qinglong, Cui Lin, Yang Yanmin reports from Lanzhou, Gansu

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]