Imitating Altman was dismissed: Disciplinary students not to dance big sticks

  Recently, several high school students in Yuncheng, Shanxi, shouted "Do you still believe in light" and other lines from "Ultraman" in their dormitories, and were dismissed by the school.

The school also issued a reward announcement to encourage everyone to report other students who have yelled.

After the incident caused a huge controversy, the local education department warned the school involved and asked the principal to make a thorough written inspection.

("Xinhua Daily Telecom" WeChat public account on February 2)

  This incident looks incredible, but it did happen.

Perhaps, the school did not realize the results of its extreme practices.

As a "childhood classic", "Ultraman" is accompanied by the growth of many children. There are not a few people who are familiar with the lines and are interested in them.

Of course, including these high school students, even if they shout a few times, they probably won't have the power of a curse, which will harm other students and even abandon their studies.

The shouting line takes place in the dormitory, even if it affects the rest of other students, it will not disturb the normal order of education and teaching.

  According to the Education Law, to persuade students to leave, at least the person involved has violated the bottom line of the law. For example, there are provisions in the law: “Party fights, provoke troubles, disrupt the order of education and teaching in schools and other educational institutions, or damage school buildings. , Venues and other property, the public security organs shall impose public security management penalties".

  Although schools and teachers have the right of education and discipline, this power is not without restraint.

The exercise of the right to education punishment must not infringe on the student’s right to life and health, personal dignity, privacy, reputation, and property rights, including the student’s right to education.

  The true purpose of education and discipline is not discipline but education.

Dismissing students means that these children will no longer receive school education, which is the most severe punishment.

Even if the students make some mistakes, the school will use a motherly mind to tolerate and save them as much as possible, instead of kicking them out and throwing them out of society.

The school issued a reward announcement to encourage students to report and whistleblowing, which magnified the school's backwardness in educational concepts.

  Waving a big stick to encourage whistleblowing is not in line with modern educational concepts.

Facing the students’ mischief or mischievous behavior, the school may wish to be more tolerant, less indignant, more teaching, and less punishing.

Allow students to shout "Ultraman" lines, which is a desirable place to study.

  Liu Tingting Source: China Youth Daily