, February 1st. According to the website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the National Health Commission have recently issued the "Notice on Further Improving the Level of Accurate Prevention and Control in Urban and Rural Communities" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), requesting all localities to strengthen Propaganda and education prevent the gathering of people, vigorously promote and advocate the change of customs, vigorously advocate "postponement of happy events, brief funerals, and no banquets", minimize crowd gathering activities, and guide the masses to celebrate the New Year on the spot.

Data map: A slogan on epidemic prevention and control is posted at the entrance of a village.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhao Jun

  The "Notice" requires strict implementation of prevention and control measures for key personnel and key areas.

Villages (communities) that have initiated emergency response should set up entry and exit checkpoints in accordance with the deployment requirements of the local party committee and government, implement measures such as temperature detection, health code inspection, and information registration for entering and exiting personnel, and implement closed village (community) management as needed.

Focus on strengthening the information planning for the elderly living alone, scattered orphans, children who are actually unsupported, left-behind children in rural areas, children in distress, the disabled, pregnant women, groups with special difficulties, as well as renters in rented houses and dormitories; Workers related to imported cold chain products, people returning home during holidays, people from high-risk areas and immigrants, patients cured of new coronary pneumonia, etc. Remove the health monitoring of medical observers to ensure no under-reporting and no under-reporting, and resolutely prevent leakage and loss of control phenomenon.

  Cooperate with the investigation of close contacts and sub-close contacts; implement measures such as home quarantine medical observation, and report abnormalities as soon as possible; cooperate with strengthening the management of centralized quarantine medical observation places to avoid cross-infection; implement large-scale concentration in rural areas In the case of isolation, information release, personnel registration, and vehicle arrangements must be done in accordance with unified requirements to assist in maintaining order in centralized isolation sites.

Improve the informatization support of community prevention and control work, promote the precise connection of community prevention and control work with the needs of the masses, and reserve necessary offline channels for special groups such as the elderly and the disabled.

  The "Notice" proposes to strengthen publicity and education to prevent the gathering of people.

All localities should use WeChat, Weibo, and news clients in a comprehensive manner, relying on various propaganda positions and information platforms in the village (community), adopting forms that are popular among urban and rural community residents, and cooperate with strengthening prevention and control policies, epidemic prevention knowledge publicity and health education, and strengthening everyone’s The concept of being the first person responsible for their own health, advocating the awareness and behavior of individuals to assume social responsibility for the prevention and control of infectious diseases, publicizing and disseminating relevant scientific knowledge and information, advocating a civilized, healthy, and green lifestyle; cultivating good hygiene habits for the people, and enhancing self-protection Consciousness and fever, see a doctor as soon as possible, report consciousness.

  Vigorously publicize and advocate changing customs, vigorously advocate "deferred wedding events, brief funerals, and no banquets", minimize crowd gathering activities, and guide the masses to celebrate the New Year on the spot.

Publish and dynamically update the local epidemic prevention and control trends in a timely manner, guide the masses to pay attention to authoritative releases, refrain from spreading rumors, and dispel the worries and fears of the masses.

Reasonably arrange the frequency, scale and duration of village (resident) resident meetings, village (resident) resident representative meetings, and village-level deliberative consultation meetings, and implement various protective measures; temporarily postpone the organization of the above activities in medium and high risk areas.

Give full play to the role of the village (resident) committee and its public health committee, organize the winter and spring patriotic health campaign, mobilize the masses to create a clean and tidy production and living environment, and cooperate with relevant departments to strengthen the supervision of public places such as farmers’ markets and back streets and alleys in the jurisdiction Carry out environmental sanitation rectification in weak links, focusing on eliminating rural sanitation dead ends.

Villagers’ committees should help the masses to actively prepare for production, life and spring ploughing on the basis of protection.

  The "Notice" emphasizes that all localities must strictly control the epidemic during the general election process.

At present, the general election of the "two committees" of the village (community) is underway, and the local civil affairs, health and health departments at all levels should guide the township (street) to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control during the general election.

Strengthen the epidemic prevention and control training for the general election staff, clarify the relevant technical and work requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and improve the emergency response measures during the election process.

  Villages (communities) in medium- and high-risk areas should suspend the general elections and organize them after they are reduced to low-risk areas.

Organize candidates and staff to make health declarations in accordance with regulations. If the declaration is abnormal, the local village (community) "two committees" general election leading body shall be asked to conduct a risk assessment to determine whether they can participate in the general election and service work.

For voters who are inconvenient to participate in on-site elections due to confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, suspected cases or due to epidemic prevention needs, special voting methods shall be formulated and they shall be mobilized to participate in the elections as far as possible by delegated voting.

  Reasonably set up voting sites, increase voting points, optimize the process of collecting votes, writing votes, and voting, implement wrong-time voting, and extend voting time.

Strictly control the number of people who voted and count the votes, persuade the masses not to gather and watch, and advocate on-site supervision through the participation of representatives elected by the masses or live video broadcasting.

Do a good job in the disinfection of crowded places such as election venues and polling places and cross-use items.

  The "Notice" proposes to improve community services under normalized prevention and control conditions.

In accordance with the overall deployment of normalized epidemic prevention and control, all localities should coordinate the promotion of urban and rural community prevention and control and service work, ensure the lives of the people, community government services, or other community service needs, and provide comprehensive community services for local Chinese New Year residents.

  It is necessary to formulate and improve community service emergency response plans, strengthen the linkage between community service agencies, social forces and market entities, and focus on the implementation of the supply of living materials, the distribution of chronic disease drugs, the care of key groups such as disabled elderly or disabled and pregnant women, and the deployment of emergency vehicles. Emergency measures involving the basic living services of the people.

Epidemic-free areas should do a good job of visits and condolences during the holiday season in an appropriate manner, and strengthen the treatment of local migrant workers, left-behind elderly and left-behind children, children in difficulties, scattered orphans, subsistence allowances, people in extreme poverty, groups in special difficulties, and low-income families. Care and care, do a good job of life security, emotional comfort and psychological counseling, to ensure that they spend a happy and peaceful holiday.

In areas affected by the epidemic, home isolation medical observation personnel, cured personnel, family members of centralized isolation medical observation personnel, and family members of medical personnel shall be included in the scope of services to help them solve their difficulties in life.

  Improve the epidemic prevention regulations for comprehensive service facilities in urban and rural communities, implement temperature detection, health code inspection, flow restriction, environmental cleaning and disinfection measures in epidemic areas, and reduce or suspend village (resident) discussion rooms, libraries, and cultural and sports activities rooms (Mahjong Chess and Cards) Room), senior activity room (day care center) and other places where people gather for activities.