• What happened to the actors in Saved by the Bell?

    From pornography to jail, acting and family life


Dustin Diamond,

known for playing


in the hit youth series of the 90s

Saved by the Bell,

died this Monday at age 44 of cancer, according to the




On January 14, the actor was admitted to a



after suffering "pain throughout his body and a feeling of general discomfort."

Three days later the doctors determined the disease, a stage 4 lung cancer, which indicates a metastasis or spread of the disease to organs other than those in which the cancer originated, and began receiving chemotherapy and other treatments.


The Hollywood Reporter



at just 11 years old, Diamond landed the role that would mark his career: that of the nerd Screech in Saved by the Bell.

The US network


aired all four seasons of the series between 1989 and 1992, although Diamond later reappeared in other fictional derivatives such as

Years of College, The New Generation


Wedding in Las Vegas.

When the last episode of the series aired, the actor was 23 years old.

Later, Diamond tried his luck as a comedian and participated in various

reality shows.

But it was his flirtations with porn, his testimony about what was happening behind the scenes of

Saved by the Bell

and his problems with justice that made the most headlines in his biography.

In 2006, Diamond starred in the pornographic film

Screeched, Saved by the Smell,

although he later claimed that it was not really him and that his face was added in post-production to the body of a double.

In 2009 he published

Behind the bell,

(Behind the bell), a biography where he assures that all the members of the adolescent cast, except him, slept together, starred in threesomes and some even used drugs during filming.

Later, he alleged that he had not written this book either and that the author had misinterpreted his comments.

To top it off, in 2015 he was convicted of stabbing a man during a bar fight, entered prison, and shortly after his release he returned to prison for violating probation.

His then partner,

Amanda Schutz, who was

convicted of disorderly


also participated in the altercation


In 2020,

Saved by the Bell

returned to American television, this time on the




with a sequel starring much of the original cast, including

Zack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), Jessie (Elizabeth Berkley), Slater (Mario Lopez), Kelly (Tiffani Thiessen), Lisa (Lark Voorhies)


Max (Ed Alonzo).

Although the absence of Diamond was not officially commented on, his various controversies kept the actor away from the possible reunion.

In the series it was said that Screech was living on the

International Space Station

with a robot he had created.

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