China News Service, Beijing, February 1 (Zhang Ziyang and Liang Xizheng) A reporter learned from the Railway Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security on February 1 that since this year, railway public security agencies across the country have cracked more than 900 ticket-related cases and arrested more than 1,100 suspects. More than 4,200 tickets were seized and more than 70,000 fake train tickets were seized. More than 2,000 criminal cases including "theft, robbery and fraud" were cracked, 87 gangs were destroyed, and more than 730 criminal suspects were arrested.

  It is known that in response to this year’s Spring Festival, the Railway Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security organized national railway public security organs to prevent and control the epidemic, and at the same time, from the beginning of this year, they carried out the special operation of “Safe Stations, Trains, and Golden Shields to protect you” and carried out in-depth “hunting”. The three major special campaigns of "Eagle-2021", "Cloud Catcher-2021", and "Filter-2021" will further rigorously check station traffic jams, and carry out in-depth crackdowns on illegal activities such as ticket-related, counterfeit, disturbance of order, and "theft and fraud" To make every effort to ensure the safety and stability of the railway.

  Railway police in various places have taken the fight against ticket-related illegal activities such as the manufacture and sale of counterfeit tickets as a key task, and steadily promoted the "Falcon-2021" campaign, combined with the implementation of electronic tickets on all trains launched by the railway department, and carefully analyzed ticket-related illegal activities The new features of the organization are to organize police to strengthen inspections of station squares and ticket offices, collect clues about scalping tickets through multiple channels, strengthen data research and judgment, investigate various clues one by one, and pursue them in line.

On January 27, the police station of Donghai County Station of the Xuzhou Railway Public Security Department arrested the suspect Yang, who manufactured and sold counterfeit tickets in Nanjing, according to clues, and seized 11 counterfeit finished train tickets on the spot.

  Railway public security organs in various regions have also carried out in-depth "Filter-2021" and "Cloud Catching-2021" campaigns, constantly weaving a network for preventing stations and trains, and severely cracking down on drunken troubles, high-speed rail smoking and other issues that disrupt public order and order, and organized hundreds of them. The "Iron Eagle" team went deep into key stations and key passenger trains to severely crack down on illegal activities such as "theft, robbery and fraud" that infringed on the safety of passenger property, and continued to crack down on serious crimes involving triads, crimes, drugs, abduction, guns and explosion activity.

On January 30th, the Chengdu Railway Public Security Department conducted several consecutive days of investigation and arrested Chen, the suspect who stole more than 20,000 yuan of property from passengers on the D2374 train on December 3, 2020 in Zizhong County, Neijiang City.

On January 31st, when the police of the Tianjin Railway Public Security Department inspected the north entrance of the Tianjin Railway Station, they seized Shi a fugitive who was wanted by the Yingtan Railway Public Security Office for selling counterfeit registered trademark goods online.