He wears pink that day, a Liberace-style pajama tuxedo by Kilian Kerner, a Berlin designer.

A cut to the belly button reveals a few deciliters of tattoo ink on his bare chest.

Bill Kaulitz actually lives in Los Angeles.

For several months he has been camping with his sister-in-law Heidi Klum and her blended family in the “Soho House” members' club.

For his book presentation he receives in a hotel suite in the “Waldorf Astoria” - with a majestic safety distance.


Your relationship

life has

always been such a secret.

Bill Kaulitz:

Of course there have been relationships in my life.

They just weren't so happy.

I have the problem that I like broken people.

My last one ran for two and a half years.

That was five years ago.

Broke my heart