The value of tuition arrears for the last year

11 thousand dirhams deprive the children of "Umm Ahmad" of their studies

The family of (Umm Ahmad - 35 years old) is unable to pay 11,000 dirhams in tuition arrears for the current year for her three children (Ahmed - 16 years old), (Omar - 13 years) and (Raneem - 10 years old), due to the father losing his job in March of last year due to the consequences of the Corona pandemic, which led to depriving them of continuing their educational journey for the new year.

The family appeals to benevolent people and those with merciful hearts to extend their help and assistance to pay off school arrears.

Um Ahmed said to Emirates Today: “My husband used to work in a private company with a salary of 3000 dirhams, from which we pay the rent for the house and school fees for the children, and what remains is spent on the basic needs of the family. My husband is getting extra income. ”

And she continued: “At the end of March of last year, we faced many obstacles and financial difficulties. I became unable to prepare the food I sell due to pain in the back area, and the doctor diagnosed it as a spinal curvature, and it is difficult to sit or stand for long hours, and the company stopped My husband works for work, due to the consequences of the Corona pandemic ».

She added, "The family has no source of income, and we have accumulated a lot of debts. The school administration sent warnings asking us to pay 11,000 dirhams in tuition arrears, and told us to prevent my children from joining classes for the new year if the late fees were not paid."

And she continued, "We cannot inform our children of the harsh conditions facing us, and we do not know how to justify them for stopping and denying them to continue their academic career."

And she continued: "I see my children in sadness, and their questions are many about their return to school like the rest of their peers, especially since they are excellent students, but we cannot do anything, so we appeal to the good people to help us find the amount."

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father is unemployed .. and the mother used to sell household foods before she suffered from a spinal cord.