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Last week, a young girl named Alana made the buzz on TikTok by revealing that Lindsay Lohan had helped her come out in front of her parents.

Indeed, this 20-year-old fan had the idea of ​​contacting the star through Cameo, a paid online service that allows you to receive personalized messages from celebrities.

If the actress refused to come out for her, she sent him a message of encouragement.

“Hi Alana, this is Lindsay Lohan.

I know you are about to take a big step forward in telling your parents who you really are, what you want them to accept from you and I think you should do it yourself.

I think if it comes from you, you will feel a lot of power and strength and it is important that you are who you really are, that you love yourself, and that you can tell your parents that.

I promise you they will understand, ”advised Lindsay Lohan in her message relayed by



An innocent gesture

Delighted with the message received, Alana immediately posted it on TikTok generating a huge buzz.

Asked by Variety, she said she felt that this advice would benefit other people and that she did not expect to cause such an earthquake.

On the other hand, on the side of Lindsay Lohan, we would have done well without such publicity.



star in

spite of me

contacted her again to ask her to delete the video.

Alana, who has the right to repost the Cameo post as confirmed by the online service, left it on her account, believing Lindsay Lohan's words could help others in her case.

The end of the story ?

The young woman announced herself to her parents to be bisexual and everything went very well!


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