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There is not only the direct in life, there is also the replay.

From YouTube to Netflix, including replays of television channels and podcasts of radio stations,

20 Minutes

 concocts for you every Sunday a list of things to see, or review, listen or listen to again.

A lesson in psychoanalysis with Toledano and Nakache

This is the series of the week and it is signed Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano.

Aired on the Arte site (and on February 4 on the channel),

In Therapy

is the adaptation of the Israeli series


, already adapted in the United States (

In Treatment


Worn by a four-star cast (Mélanie Thierry, Reda Kateb, Pio Marmaï, Clémence Poesy, Frédéric Pierrot, Carole Bouquet), she plunges in November 2015, at the time of the Paris attacks and dissects the neuroses and the unconscious of seven characters traumatized by the attacks.

An exciting journey into the human psyche.

A dive into New York teenage

Arriving rather confidentially on Netflix in October,

Grand Army is

worth the detour.

The teenage series sets its scene in a New York high school and follows the tribulations of five Brooklyn teenagers whose daily lives are troubled by a terrorist attack.

Halfway between



13 Reasons Why


Grand Army

explores the issue of rape through the exuberant (not to say sassy) character of Joey Del Marco, assaulted by three of his childhood friends in a taxi car.

An intelligent reflection on the culture of rape that shines the spotlight on the difficulties of expressing the suffering of a young woman when she does not have the behavior expected of a victim.

Violence in the thankless age

We stay in adolescence with

Last Year

, available on MyCanal.

YouTuber Bo Burnham takes an intimate look at young Kayla Day [Elsie Fisher] going through her final year of college in pain.

Rejected by her classmates, she tries to cure her social phobia by posting videos on YouTube in which she divulges tips for feeling good about yourself.

As intelligent as she is complexed, she suffers from loneliness and the absence of her mother.

An initiatory journey filled with poetry and hope but which reminds us that, for nothing in the world, we would like to relive this thankless age.

"The powder" to spread feminism

It's never too late to catch up.

The podcast

La Poudre

, by journalist Lauren Bastide, which claims more than 10 million listenings on Nouvelles listening, promotes the voice of women through absolutely fascinating hour-long interviews.

Twice a month, writers, artists, researchers and activists review their journey and take the pulse of feminist and anti-racist struggles.

A podcast that manages to bridge the gap between intimacy and conceptual.


Top series 2020: "The Lady's Game", a masterpiece for "20 Minutes" and its readers



Nakache and Toledano have "Le Sense de la fête", but also a sense of humor

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