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From our correspondent in the United States,

Netflix therefore holds its French box.

After several fours (ah,




seems set to be his third biggest start for a series.

The American company therefore quickly announced the arrival of the second part of the adventures of the gentleman burglar played by Omar Sy for the summer.

A planetary success which the United States does not escape.

The date for Lupine Part 2 was in front of you from the start.

Or rather on my banner ...

You saw it, but you did not look at it.

- Omar Sy (@OmarSy) January 28, 2021

A real success in the United States… which remains difficult to measure

Netflix announced with fanfare to its shareholders, in mid-January, that Lupine had left, after 11 days, to reach the mark of "70 million households having decided to watch" the series over four weeks.

Be careful, two big caveats: at this stage it is a projection - we should know the final figures in the middle of the week - and Netflix counts any subscriber connected for a minimum of… two minutes.

Netflix's opacity on audiences means that one will have no idea how many people have watched the series, or even an episode, in full.

And that these numbers are impossible to compare with the official audiences measured by Nielsen for traditional television.

But what is certain is that


would have to overtake

Le Jeu de la dame

(62 million) and

La Casa de Papel

(65 million)

on Netflix

to take the third step of the podium, behind

The Witcher

(76 million) and


(82 million).

The world's top Netflix series "audiences" over a month, with Lupine in 3rd position (70 million) but

- Netflix counts all the viewers who watched at least for ... 2 minutes

- for Lupine, it was a projection after 11 days, the final figure of 28d known on 5/02

- Philippe Berry (@ptiberry) January 29, 2021

This is all over the world.

In the United States, when it was released,


rose to second in the most watched programs of the week.

Impossible to have a precise figure - Netflix did not respond to our requests - but this is the first time that a French production has entered the American top 10.

A performance all the more remarkable as in the country of Raymond Chandler and Colombo, the character created by Maurice Leblanc remained an illustrious unknown.

American critics seduced and benevolent

But the real surprise was that


was greeted with enthusiasm by American critics.

While heavy tricks and improbabilities have relatively divided French journalists (3.2 average press on Allocine), the fiction of George Kay and François Uzan is a home-run on the other side of the Atlantic: 97% "fresh (Positive reviews) on the Rotten Tomatoes aggregator and a score of 83/100 on Metacritic.

For The Atlantic, Lupine is "an adaptation close to perfection" and Slate even immediately makes "a contender for the title of best series of the year".

“There is a novelty factor at play,” judge Alan Sepinwall, chief critic for

Rolling Stone


Understand: French series, even if there have been confidential successes like


, broadcast on the Sundance TV channel, have never really exported successfully.

Alan Sepinwall draws a parallel with the arrival of the first British series in the United States: “I remember sometimes being dithyrambic when my English friends told me: 'This is not even our best show'.


“Even though some viewers watch the English dubbed version, there is a filter of language and culture.

We forgive the failures more, ”agrees Robert Lloyd of the

LA Times


And although Lupine is a far cry from the postcard image of

Emily in Paris

, “there is an almost romantic tourist element to seeing these French and Parisian places.


The "crazy charisma" of Omar Sy

Alan Sepinwall, who put 4/5 in the series, readily recognizes the scriptwriting facilities.

"But Omar Sy has a crazy charisma and the main plot is so fun that I stopped asking myself questions quite quickly," he confesses.

According to Robert Lloyd, the phone of the agent of the French actor, installed in Los Angeles since 2014, should also "ring quickly".

He has just put his Hidden Hills house up for sale, but Omar Sy told Le


in early January

that a return to France was “not planned”.

Revealed in the United States by the success of


($ 10 million at the American box office), Omar Sy already has several brief appearances in blockbusters to his credit (

X-Men: Days of Future Past


Jurassic World


Transformers : The Last Knight


But to become a star in Hollywood, "the main obstacle will be his ability to play in English and adopt different types of accent," says Alan Sepinwall, so as not to be limited to playing the French villain on duty.

In short, Omar Sy will have to prove that he can blend into any role.

Like Arsène Lupine.


"" Lupine "heralds a change that is going in the right direction," says Omar Sy


"Lupine": It's official, Netflix announces the release date of part 2

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