• 'The clear things' A columnist of 'The last hour', new signing of Cintora in TVE

José Manuel Martín Medem

, the latest signing of

Jesús Cintora

for his program 'Las cosas clear', is one of the candidates who choose to preside over RTVE.

In fact, his debut at Cintora's gathering came just two days after he appeared before the

Congressional Appointment Advisory Committee

to present his project for the public corporation.

"The bad image of RTVE is the product of the successive efforts of the bipartisan governments."

With this declaration of intentions, as soon as he began his speech, the candidate made his political affinity clear.

Former RTVE correspondent in destinations such as Mexico, Colombia or Cuba;

and member of the board of directors of the public corporation between 1994 and 1996

at the proposal of IU

, José Manuel Martín Medem is currently director of the publication 'Mundo Obrero' and one of the columnists of reference of the digital 'The last hour', related head a Podemos which has been publicized on numerous occasions by the second vice president of the Government,

Pablo Iglesias


In his writings in 'The Last Hour' Martín Medem,

in tune with the editorial line of the medium

, usually lavishes harsh criticism against the Monarchy, right-wing political parties and journalists from various media.

This journalist joined the list of collaborators of 'Las things clear' last Thursday, two days after his appearance in Congress in which he openly criticized the management of RTVE carried out during the governments of the PP and the PSOE.

After this intervention, Cintora sat him at her table.

Despite his notorious proximity to a party -in this case that of Pablo Iglesias-, José Manuel Martín Medem shelled in Congress a project for RTVE in which, as he assured, under his presidency would govern

"informative neutrality"


"independence editorial »


An appeal that was questioned by one of the commission's deputies,

Víctor Manuel Sánchez del Real

(Vox), who stressed that Medem's is precisely "one of the most political profiles" who have paraded these days through the commission.

“It is urgent to put an end to the

state of exception

that RTVE has suffered for two years

as soon as possible

”, declared Medem, who added that “the sole authority is not democratic and neither is it effective;

and it has also contributed to worsen RTVE's bad image ”, referring to the current period in which

Rosa María Mateo

acts as the sole provisional administrator without the counterweight of a Board of Directors.

According to Medem, "RTVE could achieve news neutrality if governments renounce to occupy and manage it."

And he added: "The Presidency and the Board of Directors of RTVE have been bound and blocked by

foreign political influences


Something that under his mandate, as guaranteed, would not happen.

In Medem's opinion, "the only thing that works well at the moment in RTVE is the

News Council,

which has been denouncing the interference against the neutrality of the news and the professional and labor mistreatment of successive administrations for 10 years."

Regarding the economic chapter, the applicant assured that "RTVE is not expensive: it costs 10 cents per person per day, in exchange for six radio broadcasts, six television broadcasts and a multimedia platform."

As he added, among the five European public broadcasters (Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain), RTVE "is the one with

the smallest budget and also the smallest staff


According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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