Rakuten Mobile has officially announced a new rate plan that will gradually reduce the rate according to the amount of data used.

By reducing the price when the amount of data used is 20 GB or less, it is a form to compete with the new price plans launched by the three major companies.

Currently, the monthly fee is 2980 yen, and in principle, we have a rate plan with no limit on data usage, but

from April,

▼ If the data usage exceeds 3 giga and up to 20 giga, it will be reduced to 1980 yen,

▼ 980 yen for over 1 giga and up to 3 giga,

▼ Free from zero to 1 giga.

▼ If the amount exceeds 20 giga, the amount of data used will be unlimited and will continue to be 2980 yen.