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The epidemic pressure linked to Covid-19 remains strong this Friday in France, with nearly 23,000 new contaminations and a high level of admissions to hospital and intensive care.

A total of 22,858 cases of infection with the coronavirus have been recorded in the past 24 hours, according to Public Health France.

Just over 141,000 people tested positive last week, an average of around 20,100 per day, up from 128,000 the week before, or a daily average of 18,300.

More than 75,000 deaths

The positivity rate of those tested declined very slightly, to 7%, against 7.1% in the last six days.

With 356 new deaths recorded in hospital in 24 hours, the disease has now killed 75,620 people, including 52,917 in hospital, since the start of the epidemic.

Hospitals recorded 11,165 new hospitalizations of Covid-19 patients over the last seven days (against 11,219 Thursday).

Among them, 1,797 had to be admitted to an intensive care unit, while the total was 1,800 (over seven days) the day before.

On Friday alone, France counted 1,823 new hospitalizations of Covid-19 patients (+97 compared to Thursday), and 271 new intensive care admissions (+1).

On the vaccine front, a total of 1,447,155 injections have been carried out since the start of the vaccination campaign a month ago, the Directorate General of Health announced on Friday.

"We can still give ourselves a chance to avoid containment," Prime Minister Jean Castex said Friday evening after a defense council.

He announced the closure of borders to countries outside the EU, the closure of the largest non-food shopping centers and a tightening of the control of curfew obligations.


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