On the 23rd, the agency of the late actor Song Yoo-jung, who passed away, sued the YouTube Street Research Institute for making a statement that defamed the honor of the deceased and the agency's representative.

According to a media outlet on the 28th, the agency sublime artist agency (hereinafter referred to as ``subraim)'' and the representative of Ra Gang-yoon had damaged their reputation by mentioning the relationship with the representative of the late Song Yoo-jung through a YouTube broadcast. I filed a complaint with the Songpa Police Station.

It is also known that with the consent of the deceased's father, additional charges were filed for defamation of a lion.

Prior to this, the GaroSero Research Institute broadcasted several times, insisting that Sublime's actual owner is JTBC's representative Hong Jeong-do, and Ra Gang-yoon, the so-called'pants president' who received investment.

Mr. Kim Mo, a former celebrity reporter appearing at the GaroSero Research Institute, said, "CEO Kang-yoon Ra is the son of a wheat-top bingsu house, and he suddenly received a lot of investment. Behind him was Chairman Hong Jeong-do. "Hyomin is a member of this company, and Hyomin has had a dating rumor with Chairman Hong Jeong-do. According to the company's employees, Hyomin pretends to be a hostess and scolds the employees."

In particular, for the late Song Yoo-jung, former reporter Kim argued that "the actor who died today and Chairman Hong Jeong-do are related", and attorney Kang Yong-seok, who heard such words, said, "If Song Yoo-jeong comes out," he helped.

Regarding this, Serphraim said, "I came to the deceased's funeral hall and filmed a video and spread nasty rumors to the deceased's father."

Meanwhile, Song Yoo-jung passed away on the 23rd after signing an exclusive contract with his agency Serbraim in 2019.

An aide said that the deceased made an extreme choice and said, "It's been a while since I debuted in the entertainment industry, but I had a lot of troubles because I couldn't shine properly, and there were times when I talked about difficulties in life."

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)