Mo Yan, Feng Gong, Andy Lau, the top "big V" are migrating to short video collectives

  Andy Lau's three short videos gained more than 27 million fans in one day, and the fierce competition for the top-ranking "big V" by well-known domestic short video platforms has been visible to the naked eye.

Looking back at the upsurge of public opinion triggered by Douyin in January 2021, including Andy Lau's arrival, related topics have been on hot search many times.

  The Paper reporters noticed that the Xinhua Net client official Baijia account issued an article on the morning of January 28, "Why did Andy Lau choose Douyin for his first social account?"

Douyin's "Star Ecosphere" adds a superstar fortress" follows the news of Andy Lau's entry into Douyin.

  The article wrote: As an evergreen tree in the music industry, Andy Lau, who debuted for 40 years, has a reputation for character and work. The only thing that makes fans "dissatisfied" is that Huazi does not have any social accounts.

On January 27th, Andy Lau announced to settle on Douyin, the first video to restore the famous scene of "Infernal Affairs" on the rooftop, the number of fans in the 12 hours exceeded 10 million, not only cheering fans, but also welcome in the entertainment circle...This is the 40 years since Andy Lau debuted. When opening a personal Chinese social account for the first time, what made the King of Heaven make an exception?

  For Andy Lau's reasons for entering Douyin, the above article analyzes: The video method breaks the barriers of text, and the intuitive pictures make the communication between stars and fans more immersed. This may be an important reason why Andy Lau is willing to make an exception for Douyin.

Merely "business-style" announcements can no longer meet the needs of fan interaction. After continuous exploration, many stars are more willing to deepen the content of video works. Every dynamic is a real life-like self, which truly breaks Limitations of private domain traffic.

  Regarding the concept of “Tik Tok Entertainment Ecosphere”, the above article introduces: Douyin not only plays an advantage in the field of self-made “stars”, it also promotes the popularity of Fei Qiming, Smego, Modern Brothers and others. The celebrity level is also continuing to exert efforts.

So far, more than 3,000 head stars such as Anglebaby, Zhao Liying, and Eason Chan have been aggregated.

  The Paper reporter noted that in the past two years, from entertainment stars to cultural celebrities, they are experiencing a collective migration from the first-generation social media such as Weibo and WeChat to short video platforms.

Before Andy Lau, Mo Yan's presence on Douyin had already attracted public attention.

  On September 3, 2020, as a short video creator, Mo Yan shared with readers his latest work "Late Mature Man" after winning the Nobel Prize in Literature through Douyin short video.

Once the TikTok topic was launched, the number of views exceeded 31 million times that day. Mo Yan's Tik Tok video likes exceeded 350,000, and the book's 12-hour sales volume exceeded 15,000, making it a hot list of Tik Tok topics that day.

  At that time, there were comments that "short video platforms are highly competitive, and apart from cultivating their own Internet celebrity seed players, the competition for traditional celebrities is also becoming fierce."

In addition to Mo Yan, there are also writers, opera artists, painters, and musicians such as Jiang Xun, Meng Guanglu, Meng Jinghui, Feng Jicai, and Feng Gong on Douyin.

  For example, Meng Guanglu, a famous Peking opera artist, has been a "short video creator" since 2018, named "Meng Guanglu who sings Peking opera", and his personal signature reads: "Study hard and be an old boy with the same heart! See! Peking Opera hopes that everyone will forward it more!" Since the opening of the number, Meng Guanglu and Meng Guanglu’s more than 60 videos have included stage performances and a cappella practice, satisfying the various wishes of fanciers and also showing the "trend" in life. one side.

  The well-known painter, poet, and writer Jiang Xun opened a personal account on Douyin in August last year. His first work was the "Dream of Red Mansions" series that made him popular with countless fans.

Jiang Xun has currently released 222 videos, and the number of comments and likes can easily exceed 10,000. The highest number of likes reaches more than 700,000, and the total number of fans is 4.05 million, which can be regarded as the "top-tier" among cultural celebrities.

  Writer, painter, and cultural scholar Feng Jicai has also settled in Douyin. Although there are not many video works at present, as a heavyweight in the Chinese literary world, Feng Jicai has a huge appeal in China.

The Paper reporter noticed that Feng Jicai chose to use the Douyin platform to introduce his new book "The Artists". This model has also recently become a new mode of dialogue between domestic writers and readers.

  In addition, Feng Gong, a well-known crosstalk actor and film and television actor, has also entered Douyin, and his personal account has gathered nearly 16 million fans.

Senior artists, represented by Andy Lau and Feng Gong, currently dominate the "post-90s" and "post-00s" on the Douyin "Star Love Dou" list, occupying first and third places.

  The Paper News reporter noticed that as competition in the short video field has become fierce, major domestic short video platforms have begun to generally make efforts to find vertical segments after completing the accumulation of user numbers.

By changing the previous content choices based on entertainment stars and social hot spots, we began to continuously absorb classic cultural symbols. Cultural celebrities such as Feng Jicai and Mo Yan stepped down from the altar and joined the ranks of short video creators, as well as Chinese such as Andy Lau and Feng Gong. Social iconic cultural figures participate in it.

The competition for short video segments is ongoing.

  Yue Huairang, chief reporter of The Paper