When actor Park Eun-suk admits and apologizes for the fact that her pet has been dispatched, the friend who raised the suspicion also changed his attitude and supported Park Eun-suk.

On the 27th, Park Eun-suk's college alumni A said on his SNS, "It's fortunate that you apologized."

Mr. A said, "After the photo shoot last Saturday, I looked at my cell phone without any thoughts, and the moment I saw a new dog, I was so angry," he said. "Anyway, it's cool to admit it."

"I am not perfect either for animals or for humans. I am not saying it because I am perfect. I apologize for expressing dissatisfaction because I am not perfect."

He added, "Anyway, neither I nor we will do anything wrong. The important thing is to admit (the wrong thing). The one who accuses someone who admits is a bad person.

Earlier, Mr. A raised the suspicion of dispatching his dog by saying that he is Park Eun-seok's college alumni.

Mr. A recently said, "I didn't like my girlfriend, so an alumnus who said inadvertently that I changed the beagle into a small dog came out saying that they are raising two cats and a three-month-old puppy in a one-person household program." It would be nice,” he criticized.

This suspicion was a big shock to the fans.

Moreover, the controversy spread rapidly as it was confirmed that the companion animal that Park Eun-suk revealed through social media in the past and the companion animal currently reared are different.

Park Eun-suk and his agency's poor explanations and excuses also raised the public's disappointment and anger.

At the time of the initial suspicion, Park Eun-seok denied that it was not true.

Above all, the clarification of sending a companion animal he had been raised to acquaintances was not a fact of discomfort, further raising controversy.

In the end, Park Eun-seok acknowledged and apologized for'Payang' after half a day.

He told SNS on the night of the 27th, "I don't want to deny Payang because it's wrong that I wasn't responsible for my life until the end. Just because the pets raised by my acquaintances are living well doesn't mean my fault will go away." Apologized.

He added, "I have lived thinking that I have a sense of responsibility, but it was a selfish idea," he added, "I will try to show a better image by working hard through this opportunity."

(Reporter Jihye Kim, SBS Entertainment News)