Ireland: the scandal of shelters for single mothers

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A survivor stands in front of a plaque erected in memory of the 800 children allegedly buried at the site of the former home for single mothers run by nuns, in Tuam, County Galway, Ireland, January 13, 2021. AFP - PAUL FAITH

By: Emeline Vin

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For two weeks, a report has shaken Irish society: the result of 5 years of investigation into homes for single mothers.

From 1922 to 1998, pregnant and unmarried women were sent there to give birth and their babies were often placed with adoptive families, sometimes without their consent.

The 3,000 pages of this report document the abuse and moral harassment inflicted on residents.

A formal apology has been offered.


Our correspondent in Dublin met two survivors: one gave birth, the other was born in one of these institutions.


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