Everyone should be part of it on her Instagram account, but also on Twitter: The American Kristen Antoinette Gray repeatedly published photos and little stories about her beautiful new life in Indonesia.

It was said that she was a “digital nomad” and moved to the beautiful island of Bali with her partner a year ago.

The trained graphic designer went on to write that her life is much nicer and cheaper at the same time: “I paid 1,300 US dollars for my small apartment in LA.

I have a wooden house here for US $ 400. ”It is also great, according to the young woman in her - now deleted - series of tweets that Bali is a place where black people and especially homosexual (queer) people are very welcome. very different than in the USA, for example, so their conclusion.

“Come to Bali!” She therefore recommended to her readers, and in her paid e-book also offered tips for those who wanted to follow her.

All of this was apparently too much for the Indonesian authorities: They accuse the 28-year-old of violating the country's visa rules and not having paid taxes despite working.

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In addition, the couple "spread information that could unsettle the public" - meant that foreigners could easily enter even during the pandemic.

According to media reports, Gray also gave tips in her book on how to circumvent the current entry restrictions.

But the alleged tolerance for homosexual lifestyles that was propagated, apparently also bothered the authorities bitterly.

This is not the case in Indonesia - gay marriage, for example, is prohibited there.

Life for influencers has gotten rougher

The awakening for Kristen Gray and her partner Saundra Michelle Alexander was also nasty: On January 21, 2021, just three days after Gray's last euphoric tweet, the two women were put on a deportation pilot to the USA.

Neither of them will be allowed to enter the island for the next six months.

The couple also had to be tested for Corona before the flight

Source: AP

The spectacular case, reported by “Buzzfeed” and the “New York Times” among others, also shows that the tone has become rougher towards so-called influencers or “digital nomads” in many of the former vacation paradises.


The corona pandemic has brought tourism to a standstill, the often already low standard of living continues to decline in times of high unemployment.

The fact that Kristen Gray's postings also attracted negative attention within the country may have contributed to the displeasure.

After all, there has long been criticism around the world of the increasing gentrification of popular vacation spots.

And while a woman like Gray talks about her $ 400 rent being so "cheap," prices go up for the locals.

An aspect that was discussed in detail on Twitter after the case became known.

"Why do Americans actually think that it is worth gentrifying an entire island and forcing the locals from their own country into low-paying jobs?" It said in a comment that has since been deleted.

Some young Indonesians, who are also active in social media, were particularly angry, but also the country's alleged “LGTB-friendliness” (

LGTB stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender


“This place is not queer-friendly,” says a young Indonesian

This may be the case with tourists, a young woman complained on Twitter, but for many locals in the largest Islamic country on earth a completely different reality applies.

Bali is mostly inhabited by Hindus and is therefore a bit more tolerant.

In Indonesia itself, however, homophobia is quite common.

Just recently a homosexual couple was punished again with 70 lashes in the province of Aceh for showing their love publicly.


A Twitter user who claims to be a lesbian herself replied to Kristen Gray in a video.

She says: “You think Bali is queer-friendly?

That may be true of you.

Because, firstly, you are a foreigner, and secondly, your argument is money.

Indonesian society is financially dependent on keeping you happy. "

The young woman goes on to say that “conversion therapy”, which has meanwhile been banned in Germany, is even used in the country for gays and lesbians.

Their conclusion: "This place is not queer-friendly." The British "Guardian" came to a similar conclusion, which also reported on the case and quoted members of the local LGTB community as saying that they were concerned about the case Gray is now discrediting the whole community.

Incidentally, Gray herself railed in one of her last public statements of opinion that she was obviously also undesirable as a person in the "gay community".

She told reporters, “I am innocent.

I made a statement about LGBT and now I'm being deported because of LGBT. ”In the meantime, she has deleted her postings and her book is no longer available.

For the time being no longer a "digital nomad": Kristen Gray

Source: via REUTERS

Her lawyer told the "New York Times" that the deportation was illegal.

His client campaigned for and supported the poor local people.

"They are good people," he said literally.

“You can convince tourists to come to Indonesia after the pandemic is over without paying a dime.

We should thank them, not deport them.