Illustration of a covid 19 vaccination center in France.



It will suffice to present an identity document and proof of appointment.

To encourage the population to get vaccinated, the Pays-de-la-Loire region announces that travel on the Aléop network will be free to go to a center from Friday.

The measure, which will apply to "trains, buses, boats or transport on demand", is notably motivated by the fact that only 35 vaccination centers are currently open in the region.

As a reminder, the slots are reserved for people over 75, vulnerable groups and caregivers.

According to the Pays-de-la-Loire region, these centers are set to become more numerous as the vaccination campaign extends to other categories of the population.

It has therefore decided to mobilize already "exceptional aid of 10,000 euros for each municipality or inter-municipality which hosts a vaccination center approved by the ARS".

We are already preparing in La Baule

The city of La Baule, which wishes to be part of this list, recently announced that it has already worked on setting up free shuttles to its future center, located in Les Salines.

The mayor Franck Louvrier (LR), also president of the mixed transport union Lila Presqu'île, also decided to make public transport free for the inhabitants of the territory of Cap Atlantique who will be vaccinated.


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