On the 26th, the culling of all 270 pigs kept at the pig farm in Katsuragi Town, Wakayama Prefecture, which was confirmed to be infected with the infectious disease CSF of pigs and classical swine fever, was completed.

At a pig farm in Katsuragi Town, Wakayama Prefecture, it was confirmed that 6 piglets were infected with classical swine fever, so the prefecture dispatched about 150 staff to kill all 270 pigs raised. It means that the disposal was advanced and it ended after 10 pm on the 27th.

We will make such ▼ of food and droppings processing and ▼ pig farms of disinfection work, you have to be completed all of the quarantine measures to prospect for January 31.

According to the prefecture, the infected piglets were vaccinated, but they may have been infected before the antibodies stabilized.

Since other pig farms in the prefecture have already been vaccinated, there are no restrictions on shipping or movement of the surrounding pig farms.

The prefecture is calling on pig farms in each region to thoroughly prevent the invasion of wild animals and disinfect vehicles and people entering and exiting.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, classical swine fever does not infect humans due to diseases of pigs and wild boars, and pork infected with classical swine fever does not hit the market.