An annual event was held in Yokote City, Akita Prefecture, where men with less hair competed for the brightness of their heads in an attempt to brighten and energize the area.

This event is held every year by the "Kotokai" in Omonogawa-machi, Yokote City, Akita Prefecture, which is made up of men with less hair. On the 28th, seven people aged 76 to 92 gathered.

First of all, "light head sumo" was held to brag about the shining head, and when the hand towel was taken with a signal and the proud head was pushed out, the gyoji played a magnifying glass and a light to see the light condition and decide the victory or defeat.

In the battle between "Yokozuna", Manzo Takahashi (87) was given a higher rank because of his brilliance and personality.

In addition, in the "sucker tug of war" where the suction cups are pulled by attaching strings attached to both ends to the head, they pull each other so strongly that a red mark remains on the forehead, and as a result of the battle, Seiichi Takayama (77) won the championship for 6 consecutive years with overwhelming strength. Achieved.

Seiichi Takayama said with a smile, "I'm sorry I won again. I'm encouraged because everyone is happy."

Manzo Takahashi, chairman of the Kotokai, said, "It's a difficult situation due to the new coronavirus and heavy snow, but I want you to see the shining place and get well and spend the year happily."