The seven-year-old son of the head of the travel portal Trivago, Axel Hefer, burst into a TV interview of his father with the US news channel CNN - to the delight of presenter Richard Quest.

"We have a visitor," said Quest after the blond boy in his pajamas had come through a door in the background into the room where Hefer was sitting.

His son's name was Victor and he wanted to be put to bed, said Hefer.

Victor then sat on his father's lap for a while before disappearing through the door - only to reappear at the end of the interview about the prospects for the travel market in the corona pandemic.

"Give Victor an extra hug and an ice cream from us," said moderator Quest at the end.

"He made our day more beautiful."

Hefer later shared a video of the interview via the short message service Twitter and added: "Victor says" Good night "and thanks for the ice cream!"

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Numerous media reported on the interview, which is reminiscent of the case of the "BBC dad".

Korea expert Robert Kelly was interviewed by the British broadcaster BBC in 2017 when his two young children burst in.

The video of the incident was viewed millions of times around the world and made the American Kelly known as the "BBC Dad".