The "1·10" accident at the Hushan Gold Mine in Yantai, Shandong caused 22 miners to be trapped. 11 of them have been rescued from the lift shaft, 10 were confirmed dead, and one is still searching.

On January 27, the Office of the State Council Security Committee interviewed the person in charge of the Shandong Provincial People's Government, the person in charge of the Provincial Emergency Management Department, and the person in charge of the Yantai Municipal People's Government.

The State Council Safety Committee decided to supervise the investigation and handling of the "1·10" accident at the Hushan Gold Mine in Yantai, Shandong. The Ministry of Emergency Management assigned the deputy director of the National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau to lead a team to supervise Shandong for a thorough investigation of the cause of the accident, and a strict investigation of the late reporting of the accident. During the reporting process, serious accountability will be held in accordance with laws and regulations, and an explanation will be given to the families of the victims and the society.

  The interview pointed out that after the "1·10" accident occurred at the Hushan Gold Mine in Yantai, Shandong, the mine’s late reporting and concealment of the accident seriously affected the best rescue time and caused heavy losses to the lives and property of the people. The nature is serious and the impact is bad. .

The interview initially analyzed the problem of accident exposure, and pointed out that the three-year special rectification action in Shandong has not been in-depth and solid, and it has failed to crack down on violations of laws and regulations. The lessons of mine safety production accidents have not been learned deeply, the risk of major disasters has continued to increase, and the main responsibility of the enterprise has not been implemented. Insufficient emergency rescue and disposal capabilities and inadequate local supervision must be carefully studied and resolved.

  The interview requested that all regions, relevant departments and mining enterprises in Shandong Province should seriously check the benchmarks against General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on production safety and the central decision-making and deployment, deeply learn from accidents, establish the concept of safety development, and clarify the various departments of mine safety supervision Responsibilities, with the most stringent responsibilities and hardest measures, do a good job in all aspects and links, and must not seek the development of one company and one mine at the expense of safety.

It is necessary to carry out in-depth special rectification actions for three years, resolutely punish safety production violations with a zero tolerance attitude, comprehensively use joint punishments, suspend production for rectification, and executions to link up punishments, attack and strengthen law enforcement, and resolutely prevent violations from repeated prohibitions and repeated punishments. to not fix".

It is necessary to intensify the closure and exit of mines that do not have the conditions for safe production and outdated production capacity, raise the minimum mining scale and minimum service life of non-coal mines, accelerate the construction of a batch of intelligent mines with no one and few people, and improve the level of intrinsic safety.

Accident investigation and handling and accountability should be investigated and dealt with seriously, the causes of accidents and late reports should be found out, punishments should be severely determined in accordance with the law, accident investigation reports should be announced to the public, accident warning education meetings should be organized, and work should be promoted based on accident lessons.

  The Office of the State Council’s Security Committee and the Ministry of Emergency Management require all localities to learn from accidents, learn from one another, strictly implement rectification, carry out in-depth special law enforcement inspections, strengthen the investigation and management of hidden risks in key industries, resolutely prevent and contain major accidents, and effectively ensure the safety of people’s lives. Realize in the first place.

Further strengthen mine safety precautions, strictly supervise the safety of infrastructure and mines, fully carry out special management of pyrotechnic product safety, comprehensively investigate and rectify hidden dangers such as open stop and dark opening, super-layer cross-border, mixed transportation and mixed release of pyrotechnics, and strictly regulate construction management , To ensure the safety of construction management in place.

Resolutely eliminate loopholes in blind areas of supervision, incorporate closed mines, suspended mines, technologically modified mines, infrastructure mines and production mines into the scope of key supervision, dynamically study and judge emerging problems and safety risks, and take strict measures to rectify and rectify in a timely manner.

Promote enterprises to implement the main responsibility for production safety, strictly implement the safety production clauses of the newly promulgated Criminal Law amendment; strengthen the construction of the grass-roots law enforcement system, establish and improve the typical law enforcement case reporting and law enforcement effect evaluation system; strictly implement the risk classification control and active reporting system to strengthen Warning education and publicity, strengthen the endogenous motivation for prevention, control and resolution of major safety risks, and promote the steady improvement of the safety production situation.

  Ding Yiting