In the past few days, flocks of wild whooper swans have flew over the Luojia Qiongguo River in the plateau town of Maixi Township, Zoige County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province to live through the winter.

These elves who have been here to winter over thousands of miles make the Luojiaqiongguo River full of fairy tales. Nearly a hundred swans are freely foraging and playing on the huge lake, soaring in the sky for a while, and flocking on the lake for a while. Chasing, sometimes sings and sings, sometimes sings loudly, sometimes flutters high, and is full of comfort, adding a little agility and vitality to the frozen plateau wetland, becoming a beautiful scenery in the grassland and snow world.

The picture shows the whooper swan stopping on the ice.

Photo by An Yuan

Release time: 2021-01-27 09:50:28 【Editor: Zhai Lu】