Rob Bolland now has cancer in his whole body.

The music producer was diagnosed in 2017 and knows he will die from the disease.

Before that, he wants nothing more than to make one more album, he tells

De Telegraaf


“In recent weeks I have been in bed more often and longer with pain relief. I see that fatigue more as a limitation, because before the end comes I want to fulfill one last wish for myself and my loved ones: a farewell album with English songs. . "

Rob Bolland, together with his brother Ferdi, became world famous for their work under the name Bolland & Bolland for, among others, Status Quo for whom they

wrote and produced

In The Army Now


They also wrote hits for Falco such as



Rock Me Amadeus


Cancer cells were found in Bolland's mouth in 2017, but the disease has now spread to his brain.

"It made me a kind of zombie. It was at least 35 radiation treatments and a series of chemotherapy. My face was irradiated and I feel the pain every day."

The fatigue is now so bad that there is little time left to make that last album.

Still, Bolland is hopeful.

"The lyrics to the songs all relate to my life. Whether or not it will work out depends on my physical conditions. Because the fatigue is debilitating at the moment and as a result of the operations on my mouth and lip, I am less able to articulate. words are hard to pronounce. "

Bolland: "I know that I will die, but fortunately the moment is not known. That is why I remain positive in life. It makes no sense to think about that moment now."