Tokyo Metro has introduced a new system to allow visually impaired people to use the station safely.

When the QR code affixed to the Braille block inside the station is read with a smartphone, the system will guide the route to the platform by voice, and the operation started on the 27th.

This system was first introduced by Tokyo Metro, and started operation on the 27th at five stations on the Chiyoda Line, Yurakucho Line, and Fukutoshin Line.

Of these, at Nishi-Waseda Station on the Fukutoshin Line, a visually impaired woman actually tried the system and walked.

Launch the smartphone app, select the vehicle you want to ride and the exit you want to go to, and proceed along the Braille block. The smartphone camera will read the QR code affixed to the Braille block and "go 8 meters to the right." Please do not hesitate to contact us. "

The woman tells me that the edge of the stairs and the platform is approaching, and how many meters I should go back even if I go off the route, and the woman wears a white sword and holds the smartphone while passing through the ticket gate by herself. I had reached the vehicle.

The woman who used it said, "If you walk alone, you may not know the location of the platform or the ticket gate and you may wander around, so I think it is a wonderful system. I want you to spread it to other stations more and more." I did.

Tokyo Metro has decided to introduce it to four more stations by April, and will consider whether to expand it to other stations while observing the usage situation in the future.


Stations that will start operation from 27th: Meiji Jingumae Station, Shinkiba Station, Tatsumi Station, Kitasando Station, Nishi-Waseda Station.

Stations introduced by April: Gaienmae Station, Higashi-Ikebukuro Station, Gokokuji Station, Toyosu Station.